Here is Why Super Junior's Heechul Cannot Get Married Anytime Soon

Did Super Junior member Sungmin's dating and marriage controversy affect Heechul negatively?

Super Junior's Kim Hee Chul popularly known as Heechul revealed important information during the TV program Where Are You Going, Ddaenchul. Along with hosts Noh Hong Chul and Kim Yeong Chul, Heechul spoke about his dating experiences and also answered questions about his marriage.

Heechul was driving alongside ocean while sharing his information on personal life. On the wheels, Heechul was heard saying that he has never gone on trip with his former girlfriends. But did Heechul ever have a serious relationship?

Kim Hee Chul in a file photo. Instagram

Heechul Trying to Protect Someone?

"You know how sensitive it is for me to meet people. So I've never had the chance to travel alone with a girlfriend," said Heechul. Probably this is why he was never seen in any long-term relationship. Heechul has been an idol for 13 years and after initial struggle his popularity soared.

It is not that he does not want to date or hates the concept of marriage, but he has his reasons for not being in a serious relationship. "I am 36-years-old you know. Sometimes I do want to date freely and I do think about getting married and settling down," Heechul said.

But he explained why his most valued asset i.e. his fans are the reason why he cannot marry right now. "I have to be as cautious about that as possible. I have fans who have stuck by my side since I debuted, throughout my idol years. I don't want to hurt them. That is why I cannot date or get married," the celebrity said.

Recently, Heechul had confirmed his relationship with TWICE's Momo. Heechul had thanked fans for their support after his romance with TWICE's Japanese member Momo became public.

Heechul's Caution Comes From Sungmin's Inaction?

Even though these details have come from Heechul himself, fans are still trying to find other reasons for the star's decision. It is also said that what happened to Super Junior member Sungmin after he tried to hide the fact of his marriage to actress Kim Sa Eun is why Heechul is hesitating to be in a relationship.

Sungmin's fans warned of boycotting him after they found out about his marriage to Kim Sa Eun through media. Sungmin had not taken measures to console or confront his fans, instead, decided to hide from them.

He had stopped updating his social media profiles and this led the fans distancing themselves from the celebrity and asking everyone to boycott Sungmin, who was close to Heechul. It is likely that Heechul does not want to lose his fans and make them angry, after seeing the result of Sungmin's actions.