Super Junior's Heechul Prefers Rainy Day to Sunny Day for Breaking Up; Twice Momo's Boyfriend Reveals Why

Super Junior's Heechul, who is currently in a relationship with Twice's Momo, has revealed the best time for the break-up! Surprised? The idol himself was quite amused at the question coming his way on KBS Joy's 'Twentieth Century Hit Song'.

TWICE Momo and Boyfriend Heechul
TWICE Momo and Boyfriend Heechul. Instagram

The Conversation
"Why does the weather matter when you're breaking up?" Allkpop quotes him as saying on 'Twentieth Century Hit Song' when he was asked which is the best season for the break-up.

"Is it better to break up on a rainy day or a sunny day?" Kim Min Ah asked Heechul again.

According to Heechul, the 37-year old prefers a rainy day to a sunny day. He added, "If I had to choose at least one, I would rather break up when it snows. When it snows it's cold. And human instinct can't tolerate coldness and hunger."

It is because the pain eases quickly in cold weather. The episode was aired on 13 June.

Heechul's Break Ups
Recently, Heechul had made an interesting statement about handling break-ups. On SBS' My Little Old Boy, he opened up about his affairs and how he never took the break-ups very seriously. The Super Junior's member claimed that the separations did not hurt him and computers helped him to overcome the pain.

According to him, life will not end after a break-up. On the show, Ji Sang-ryeol chipped in to reveal the reason why he has the ability to overcome the pain with ease. "That's because Heechul has high self-esteem. Because you keep really good relationships with other people in your life." he was quoted as saying by Koreaboo.

He was earlier seeing a model named Ivy. He was also linked up with Taeyeon from Girls' Generation in 2013.

In January 2021, it was confirmed that he was seeing Momo since 2019. The romance blossomed between them as they worked together in a few shows together.