Super Bowl 2024: Usher Almost Trips and Falls Over in Roller Skates on Stage as Major Technical Malfunction Leaves Fans Furious [WATCH]

Usher promptly changed the tone by delivering what the fans desired—stripping off his shirt to reveal his impressive abs.

Usher headlined the Super Bowl LVIII halftime show at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Sunday, where the Kansas City Chiefs faced the San Francisco 49ers. The 45-year-old R&B artist put up a major showcase of his extensive catalog of hits.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift, another music icon, aimed to capture attention from her star-studded VIP box as she enthusiastically supported her boyfriend, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Usher's halftime show at Super Bowl LVIII almost faced a setback when he made a daring entrance on roller skates, nearly stumbling as he navigated around the stage. Besides, his show was marred by major technological glitches as viewers could barely hear him.

Show Marred With Glitches

Usher almost falls
Usher almost trips and falls on his roller skates during his Super Bowl 2024 halftime performance X

Usher somehow managed to avoid the fall as he almost fell off maneuvering his roller skates. The close call occurred as he tried to skate beneath the legs of, a member of the Black Eyed Peas.

However, the iconic sex symbol, alongside stars like Alicia Keys, H.E.R., Lil John, Ludacris,, and Jermaine Dupri, smartly managed to recover from the roller skate incident.

Usher promptly changed the tone by delivering what the fans desired—stripping off his shirt to reveal his impressive abs.

The show kicked off with a dynamic performance, featuring a brief excerpt of his 2004 hit "Caught Up" from the Confessions album, followed by "U Don't Have To Call" and the popular "Love In This Club."

However, his performance suffered another problem, leaving the viewers fuming.

Amid the enthusiastic cheers of fans and the energetic presence of dancers surrounding him, the singer's performance during the halftime show at Super Bowl LVIII became somewhat challenging for viewers at home, as the audio was drowned out by the excitement of the live audience.

Usher during his Super Bowl 2024 halftime show x

At the outset of his stunning performance, technical glitches plagued the hitmaker as the sound from his microphone intermittently cut in and out. The oversized microphone, stretching across his face and covering half of his mouth, proved to be less than effective during the opening moments of the show.

The audio issues persisted until Usher introduced another major star, Alicia Keys, to the stage. With her arrival, the sound finally stabilized, providing a more seamless and enjoyable experience for the audience.

Recovering from the Initial Setback

Usher also brought out his friend Ludacris to perform their hit song "Yeah!" A noticeable shift occurred halfway through the show when it seemed that the sound team replaced his microphone.

Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys collaborated with Usher for the Super Bowl 2024 halftime performance X

Usher then found himself standing in front of a standard microphone and mic stand, commonly seen at most concerts. Shortly afterward, Usher reappeared with yet another microphone, this time attached to his face, allowing him the freedom to dance and even roller skate around the stage.

Keys made a stunning entry by skillfully playing the piano with a flowing red, space-age design.

Keys dazzled in the night air, donning a sizzling red bodysuit adorned with sequins. The ensemble showcased a sheer top and sleeves, complemented by a darker red corset-style midriff.

Usher, sporting a single bejeweled glove, possibly as a tribute to Michael Jackson, shared an affectionate moment with Keys, wrapping his arms around her during their collaborative performance.

Keys had her solo moment in the spotlight, showcasing her song "Ain't Got You" as her introduction. Usher rejoined her on stage for their duet "My Boo." She left the piano and confidently strutted around the stage, trading verses with the headliner on the romantic tune.

Usher during teh Super Bowl 2024 halftime show X

Usher was commemorating the 20th anniversary of his enduring album, "Confessions," which got a shoutout from Jermaine Dupri before the next segment of the stage show.