Strange underground booms in Texas sparks World War III fear

YouTube: Secureteam10

Tyler Glockner, a conspiracy theorist who runs the YouTube channel 'Secureteam10' has released an eerie video showing cracks being opened up in the roads of Texas city. The conspiracy theorist soon connected these opened cracks with the recent mysterious booms which have been heard everywhere from Ohio to New York City.

In the video, the conspiracy theorist suggested that something strange is going on underground, and assured that these booms are not the result of any earthquakes.

"There was another one of these booms that shook houses and this bang was so loud and had so much force to it that the concrete in the road shifted and cracked. This is not a gas-line explosion or water explosion. The man who sent this to me said, 'The police got involved because this was such a loud and major incident'," said Tyler Glockner in the video.

Glockner also revealed that these loud booms are literally shaking the houses in the area and added that many people are panicked due to these strange activities.

As the video went viral, viewers soon shared their theories to explain these weird phenomenon. Many people who watched the video argued that the elites are secretly preparing for World War 3 and these loud booms from underground are evidence that they are building safe bunkers to keep themselves safe. Some people also stated that the earth is hollow and another advanced civilization might be living underground. A few users even suspect alien hands behind this phenomenon.

"I think what we're seeing and hearing is the beginning of sorrows. This is actually the calm before the storm. Something is coming indeed. It's only going to get worse according to the Holy Bible," commented Linda Temple, a YouTube user.

A YouTube user Christopher Gonzales 18 revealed that the only place that is safe in the United States is the San Joaquin Valley.

"The only place we're safe at in California is the San Joaquin Valley. We're surrounded by mountains and all, we will feel the shaking and get some damage but not as bad as what's gonna happen to So California," commented Gonzales.