Mysterious visuals captured by Florida resident, Video went viral

YouTube: MrMBB333

Carlos, a Florida resident has captured an eerie video of multiple UFOs, which suddenly appeared in the sky. The incident apparently happened at Deerfield Beach and the eyewitness revealed that there were no planes or aircraft in the skies before and after the sighting.

The video has showed that the flying object in the sky appeared of their own accord and changed the formation several times. The video shot by Steve and later it was shared by popular conspiracy theory website 'MrMBB333'. As of now, it has already racked up more than 50,000 views.

Many people who watched the video argued that there might be interdimensional portals in the sky and aliens may be travelling from one world to other through these passages.

A YouTube user, Sarai Rose brought the spiritual explanation of this event and said, "This is not a battle of flesh and blood but a spiritual battle. What you are seeing is to be expected and will only intensify a faster rate. Signs in the heavens, we cannot stop what is coming but we can suit up in Gods spiritual armour. If you do not have faith you cannot endure to the end patriots! Prayers to all in these perilous times in Jesus Christ name Amen."

Other conspiracy theorists claim that the objects spotted in the sky are actually the remains of a chemtrail. These theorists said chemtrails are being sprayed widely all across the skies to hide what is happening up above.

"I believe it is a new way of seeding the chemtrail clouds without using a plane. I bet planes have been dropping chempods that disperse just like what we are seeing. Our skies are so thick with dark chemtrails it is ridiculous," commented JoJo another YouTube user.

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