Steven Crowder Makes Sexist Attack on Kamala Harris During Biden Speech on Her Making History

"Don't say Kamala Harris' name." "Every time you say it she doesn't know whether to spread her legs or appear in a mirror," Crowder commented.

Right winger internet talk host Steven Crowder got yet another opportunity to lobby a sexist attack on Vice-President Kamala Harris on Wednesday, as she and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sat behind President Joe Biden. Crowder, while Biden was delivering his speech, made a sexist attack on Harris almost implying that Harris is either promiscuous or a witch.

On Wednesday, Harris and Pelosi made history as they shared the stage during President Joe Biden's first joint session to Congress, marking the first time that two women sat behind a US President during an address to Congress. However, Crowder took it as an opportunity to slam Harris and that too with the dirtiest possible remarks.

Sexist Attack

On Wednesday night, Harris, 56, Harris entered the House chamber to a round of applause and straightaway sat behind Biden's right side as he delivered his first speech to a joint session of Congress. Biden, cognizant of this fact, paid tribute to Harris and Pelosi in his speech. This definitely was a landmark day in the history of the United States.

However, the historic moment didn't go down well with ring winger Crowder, who made the rudest of the comments about Harris. Implying that she is either promiscuous or a witch, Crowder reacted by saying: "Don't say Kamala Harris' name." "Every time you say it she doesn't know whether to spread her legs or appear in a mirror."

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Crowder's comments were immediately drew support from Jason Campbell, who tweeted his reaction with a video of Harris and Pelosi being applauded by Biden.

This is the first time that Crowder attacked Harris but making such sexist attack came as a shock to many. His comments were not only strange but also in bad taste and many didn't like it.

In Bad Taste

This, however, isn't the first time that Crowder has courted controversy. Last month, YouTube officially suspended the conservative commentator's main channel from its Partner Program indefinitely, which included removing his ability to run ads.

It's also banned him from uploading videos for a full week after his he in a now-removed video reportedly challenged the legitimacy of the vote in Nevada.

Prior to that, YouTube removed one of his videos posted on March 16 , which featured 'bits' about black farmers and slavery. However, the platform cited that the video violated its Covid-19 misinformation policy rather than its hate speech one.

On Wednesday, several social media users not only slammed Crowder but also Campbell for the sexist attack on Harris. "I tried to report this to Twitter, its disgusting, I'm not sure if it went through, someone tell me if it's a Twitter infraction??" wrote Diane McLaughlin.

"That's disrespectful. If you had a bad experience with your wife or your mother,not every woman is the same...Address them," wrote another user. "Jason Campbell is Crowders butt buddy. He hangs on all of his tweets and has is head up crowders ass so far I'm confused to how he's still alive from lack of air," tweeted yet another user.

A fourth person wrote: Steven Crowder has somehow confused @VP Kamala Harris and Melania Trump."