Starry War in the sky? UFO fires red beam at ISS [VIDEO]

YouTube video shows a strange object emitting a red beam of light at the International Space Station. Sometimes this could be the result of lens flares, but the question is about the origin of this periodic red beam

UFO Red beam
YouTube video Screenshot: Streetcap1

According to conspiracy theorists all around the world, the International Space Station is the hottest destination for UFOs, and many times, they have unveiled videos featuring alleged UFO sightings around the ISS. Now, a YouTube channel named 'Streetcap1' has released a video from the ISS live cam, that shows a strange object emitting a red beam of light to the ISS at regular intervals.

"The lights appeared next to the International space station. After checking the pre-archive footage and they don't appear on any other footage as far as I can see. Look at the red light coming from them and going to the space station... it's pretty strange" said the narrator in the video.

The alleged flying object is very similar to the previous sightings in the UFO where a round object is seen roaming around the ISS. But breaking the expectations of alien buffs, experts have regularly debunked these theories claiming that the objects are nothing but lens flares.

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During the narration, 'Streetcap1' said that sometimes this object will be the result of lens flares, but he questioned where it has come from.

The video posted by the conspiracy channel is receiving overwhelming responses from the viewers. Many of the viewers lauded the channel for unveiling the hidden truth, and said that the object which sends the red beam is nothing other than an alien mothership.

However, experts believe that the red beam was sent not by aliens but by NASA itself. According to experts, NASA has been sending packets of information to the ISS through red beams which is being named Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science (OPALS) project.

This is not the first time that this YouTube channel is forwarding weird conspiracy theories. Earlier, 'Streetcap1' has sensationally claimed that aliens are running a civilization on the moon, and the channel even released images of alleged buildings on the lunar surface.

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