Mysterious alien sounds heard from frozen lake in Britain [VIDEO]

An eerie incident took place in the frozen lake in the Altai Mountains, which is now perplexing alien buffs and researchers.


As alleged UFO sightings are dramatically increasing in all nooks of the world, an eerie incident which took place in the frozen lake in the Altai Mountains is perplexing alien buffs and researchers.

The video of the incident was shot by photographer Svetlana Kuzina, and it features alien like haunting voices in the backdrop as she walks over the frozen lake. The photographer was trying to capture shooting stars at Lake Ak-Kem when the bizarre incident took place.

The sound resembles the same type of audio effects which we have heard in UFO sci-fi movies. The mysterious sound sometimes reaches its peak and soon goes down, which adds up to its creepiness.

In the video, we can hear Svetlana saying that these mysterious sounds are making her feel that aliens are near us. The lady posted her experiences on her Russian Facebook page stating that the acoustics were louder and sharper during the daytime, while the sound is pretty less in the nights.

"The mournful howling sounds made me really feel aliens must be close by. Finally - I thought, I am on the verge of contact with extraterrestrial minds! "Later I heard this song many times at different times of the day. What causes these haunting sci-fi sounds," wrote Svetlana about her experience.

Even though Svetlana suspects that extra-terrestrial origins are associated with these sounds, experts claim that there is nothing alien about this acoustics. According to experts, the sounds are the result of the expansion and contraction of ice sheets.

Experts also made it clear that the natural shifting of ice sheets produces sounds of higher and lower frequencies, irrespective of days and nights. However, the claims of Svetlana have now gone viral on social media platforms.