Did US military cover up UFO sightings after fireball explosion? (VIDEO)

Columbia, South Carolina, Missouri, Illinois, and Denver witnessed 15 UFOs flying across the sky, however, aviation expert Steve Cowell believes it to be a military drill that took place in the night.


Residents in Columbia, South Carolina, Missouri, Illinois, and Denver witnessed a shocking sight on Saturday, December 9, as 15 UFOs were seen flying across the night sky. Interestingly, the UFO sighting was also captured by National News Channel CBS and Denver Station 9 news. Residents feared it to be an alien invasion as soon as the UFOs graced the skies. However, the strange flying objects soon disappeared.

A military plane or alien UFO?

According to witnesses, the flying objects traveled across the skies without making any sound. The video of the sighting has been uploaded on Third Phase of Moon's YouTube channel. It soon went viral on the internet. The video also questions the explanations which stated that the sighting was nothing but an unannounced US Airforce sky exercise.

Debunking the claims of alien buffs, Aviation expert Steve Cowell said that the flying objects were flying in a particular formation which is very commonly seen in military exercises. Calling the shape, echelon formation, Cowell revealed that it is not uncommon to see such a formation during military drills, especially in the night. The aviation expert also made it clear that the aircrafts which were used for the exercise are C-17, and these fighter planes usually produce very less sound.

Alien buffs take a strong stand

On the other hand, alien buffs are not ready to accept these claims, as they believe that the US military is intentionally covering up the incident. Third Phase of Moon, the YouTube channel which uploaded the video affirms that this is not an Air Force aircraft, and the claims made by the conspiracy channel are well received by the viewers too.

"I see it as one huge mothership. Why would planes be flying almost back to back like that? Doesn't that create some sort of dangerous turbulence for the next plane," commented a YouTube user named Elizhaig.

Another user commented that the shape of the UFO is very similar to that of a saucer and that it has nothing to do with plane formation.

"Yeah, that's a coverup. U can see the lights are obviously even & connected to something. Either an extremely LARGE "cigar-shaped craft" or a saucer. Either way, that is NOT of this world. I wish the US would just tell the truth," commented a person named Shelly Baham.

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