Mystery in sky: Repeated triangular UFO sighting in Texas sparks speculations

In the video, seven UFO lights can be seen hovering in the night skies of Texas in a triangular formation

UFO Texas
Alleged UFO that appeared in Texas YouTube: Disclose Screen

Since the alleged Roswell UFO crash, conspiracy theorists strongly believe that aliens have been visiting the earth to monitor human activities. Adding up the heat to this seemingly bizarre theory, a triangular UFO has been spotted in Texas. Interestingly, this is for the third time that such a flying vessel is seen in the skies of Texas.

Triangular UFO sparks debate

It was on the New Year eve that a triangular UFO initially appeared in the skies of Houston, and last month, a similar flying vessel was spotted in Bogata. The video of the third sighting was shared to YouTube by a channel named Disclose Screen.

In the video's description, the YouTube channel revealed that the clip was apparently captured from Seguin. The video features seven bright lights hovering across the skies in a triangular formation. The lights in the skies continue on their path for sometime before vanishing in thin air.

Aliens or secret military space vessels?

As the video went viral on online spaces, most of the conspiracy theorists outlandishly started arguing that these lights could be most probably the sign of alien existence. These conspiracy theorists believe that aliens are closely working with the United States army, and extraterrestrial assistance has helped the US to emerge as a global powerhouse.

However, a section of other people believes that these mysterious lights in the skies have nothing to do with aliens or extraterrestrials. As per these people, these flying vessels are secret military crafts that the military is using to spy other countries.

Even though the number of UFO sightings has witnessed a steep rise in recent years, neither NASA nor the Pentagon has bothered to give a convincing explanation to these sightings. However, the US Navy had recently confirmed that the tic-tac UFO videos released by To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences are real.

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