A Sri Lankan TV Channel Makes False Claims of BTS Appearing on its Show; Gets Slammed for 'Lying'

A Sri Lankan TV channel has come under attack from the fans of BTS for falsely claiming that the septet will be appearing on one of its shows. After the boy group members failed to turn up on the show on two occasions, the fans alleged that the channel was lying to its viewers to boost its viewership and registered their anguish against the channel on social media sites.

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As per a report on Allkpop, a video jockey from prominent TV channel 'Jathika Rupavahini' had claimed that the channel had invited the BTS for an interview. The curious fans were keenly waiting to see the septet on a Sri Lankan channel and they were disappointed to hear from the host later that the members were not appearing on the show due to their busy schedules.

The host, then, claimed that the BTS members will be coming to the show on 30 July. Once again, the video jockey gave the same excuse, angering the fans, who have criticized the channel and the host for making false claims.

The Sri Lankan BTS fans have now taken to Twitter to register their unhappiness over the "lying" to its viewers and wondered how could someone make such claims on a national TV channel. They say that the channel is defaming one of the boy groups in the world along with the country's name.

Check Out The Fans' Reaction:

memowi: I am unhappy that the national channel of the country is carrying out such a program rather than doing such an act on a channel like you tube. And stop this shit business. show the program in a way that is respectful to you
We are saddened by this incident I am protesting against this program which is being used on a major channel in Sri Lanka to tarnish the name of one of the most popular bands in the world and make fun of them .our country is valuable to us..
but every major channel without any basis I hate capturing a country band one day and trying to maintain its popularity.This alone is destroying the name of Sri Lanka in another way

Senuthmi Anujana⁷ ❤PTDPurple heart @senuthmi : As a Sri Lankan Army I apologize behalf of our country and new armies joined the fandom recently. As we have a small fanbase there are toxic armies here too. As senior armies we have many problems in the fandom and we have lots of antis here.

rainbowkoya_: Preach.I really didn't expect something like this from a "main national channel"(lol).Thought "Jathika" was professional at least than the other channels in Sri Lanka.But no lmao,it's another clout chasing channel in here.Disappointed but not surprised.

moni⁷: OMG YALL WTF I WON THE ZOOM CALL WITH BTS #@#&!?#@ IM LITERALLY CRYING RN I RLLY AM GOD'S FAVOURITE, this would be my tweet if I had an army membership in the first place

Stream PTD⁷ Crystal ballBalloon: Oh this so embarrassing. How ungrateful they are.
"If you can't respect don't even open your mouth " _Kim Namjoon_

Mands⁷ OT⁷: I was so peeved saying a big size lie .In fact these ppl still dont crealy know who is BTS like thry just know that more fans of them l8ve in here that's .Aside that im limitlesssslyy hatibg this way of cheating as IN PUBLIC?? Why so much lyingg...

ᴱDiwya ₇ Flag of Sri Lanka PTD: Honestly I think they take us to be 12 yr olds who would believe this story. I think we should at least submit a petition against this

⁵Deens⁷ Purple heart ~ 11 Years Of 1DSparkling heart: This is so disappointing
I have no idea why these people do so much for clout and some sl fans actually believe in them

OJ⁷ Permission to Dance: It's the national TV
How can they say something that is very ungrateful
OMG this is so embarrassed Flushed face

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