BTS RM's cousin, MMA Fighter Seo Ji Yeon's Ex Gym Manager Files Law Suit Against her in Sexual Assault Case

In a surprising turn of events, the gym manager of MMA fighter Seo Ji Yeon, cousin of BTS' RM, has filed a lawsuit against her for making false sexual assault allegations against him. In May, she had made the said allegations against him.

MMA Fighter Seo Ji Yeon
MMA Fighter Seo Ji Yeon. Instagram

Ex Manager Not Guilty
According to Koreaboo, a report on Ten Asia claims that she had filed a complaint against her manager for sexually assaulting her. After the cops carried out an investigation, it was revealed that he was not guilty of any charges mounted by her after which he has filed a counter-complaint against her for defaming him on 15 July.

Seo Ji Yeon is yet to react to the latest development.

Seo Ji Yeon made her MMA debut at the age of 18 and became the youngest Philippine URCC Women's Flyweight Champion in 2018. She had earned popularity after appearing on Channel E's Sportsy Sisters.

RM's Connection
However, she got all the attention after claiming that she is a cousin of BTS' RM. According to her, Seo Ji Yeon is a relative from her father's side. They used to meet during the holidays. She admitted that initially, it was difficult for her to reach him after he became a star.

Explaining why she had not revealed their connection earlier, she said "But he still cheered me on telling me to train hard. I purposely didn't talk about this in fear of insulting BTS fans, but I'm proud that I have a cousin who is famous all around the world. I'll work hard to live up to the reputation of RM's cousin and become a great fighter."

Further, Seo Ji Yeon became a household name after appearing on Channel's E Sporty Sisters.

Interestingly, RM and Seo Ji Yeon have striking similarities and the photos of them having resemblances are quite popular among their fans.

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