BTS Mocked, Koreans Insulted in Colombian Radio Show: 'Septet Bought Success through Money' Remark Faces Backlash

A Colombian radio show 'La Mega' reportedly insulted BTS on air by making degrading comments about the success of the septet. If it was not enough, the anchors allegedly insulted South Koreans and their national anthem.

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How it All Started?
On 9 July, the hosts mocked the success of BTS while passing unjustified claims against the world-famous boy group. From claiming that the septet bought success through money to calling the group members "Chinese", they passed many objectionable remarks on 'La Mega'.

"These Chinese boys are too fast. They only got here because of money. With [money], they were able to rank high on these music charts. They only reached the Grammys and other important awards ceremonies because of money. They definitely have a sponsor. They haven't even won any awards though. Their song only made it because the Korean embassy probably requested it. We don't have to like it just because it's BTS' song," Koreaboo quotes the hosts as claiming.

The hosts then turned their attack on South Korea and Japan. After this episode was aired, the show faced widespread criticism for its groundless remarks and the radio station decided to lend an apology which created further controversy.

The hosts' attitude gave the impression that they were trying to mock South Korea rather than trying to express their genuine regrets over their comments. They wore Japanese animation "Dragonball Z " makeup and T-shirts with the Rising Sun Flag which reminded South Korean of the pain suffered under Japanese ruling.

Insult to National Anthem
To make the matters worse, South Korea's national anthem 'Aegukga' was played with a message that they were apologising in the Korean language even as they were seen laughing over the current situation.

Further, they inserted irrelevant empanada Korean advertisement, followed by playing Dragonball Z theme song which only indicated that the hosts were not apologetic about their previous remarks rather they were trying to mock the whole South Koreans.

This gesture has been condemned by South Koreans and the fans of the BTS across the globe.

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