Spoilers: Watch How 'Running Man' Cast Will Bid Farewell to Lee Kwang Soo In Next Week's Episode

Lee Kwang Soo will be seen as the cast of 'Running Man' for the last time on June 13 as the actor is quitting the show due to health issues.

Next week's episode of Running Man will be an emotional one as the cast will bid farewell to its member Lee Kwang Soo, who has been a part of the show for 11 years. SBS released a preview that gives an insight into next week's episode, which will see Lee Kwang Soo appearing for the last time in the show.

After the June 6 episode, SBS released a video that had clips from the first episode of Running Man when Lee Kwang Soo made his entry into the show to the last episode where Lee Kwang Soo gets emotional reading his farewell note.

Lee Kwang Soo
South Korean actor Lee Kwang-soo. Facebook/Leekwangsoo

Running Man Spoilers

The video starts with Ji Suk Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, and Kim Jong Kook washing the dishes as part of punishment from June 6 episode. Ji Suk Jin is heard saying, "This might be Kwang Soo's last punishment. It feels good to do this last punishment with Kwang Soo." Kim Jong Kook signals and asks Suk Jin to stop talking like this.

The preview then shows the first episode of Running Man, which aired on July 11, 2010. The subtitles show that Lee Kwang Soo was 25 years old then and that now he is now in his mid-30s referring to the long duration Lee Kwang Soo has spent as a member of the Running Man family.

Then the next clip in the preview shows Lee Kwang Soo's last episode, scheduled to be aired on June 13. The entire cast is wearing a sad expression as Lee Kwang Soo reads his farewell letter. He is head saying the words, "I am sorry."

Lee Kwang Soo's Apology

To know why Lee Kwang Soo apologized to the cast of Running Man, one needs to watch the next episode, which will air on June 13 at 5 p.m. KST on SBS. Lee Kwang Soo announced in the end of April that he had decided to leave the show due to health issues.

The It's Okay, Its Love actor's agency KINGKONG by STARSHIP had stated: "Lee Kwang Soo is concentrating on recovering from ankle injury. He has decided to take some time off and prioritize his recovery. The actor had met with an accident in February 2020 and is undergoing rehabilitation."

Meanwhile, it is still not known who will replace Lee Kwang Soo in the further episodes of Running Man. Speculations are rife that either Star Up actress Kang Ha Na or When The Camellia Blooms actor Kim Ji Seok are likely to be made the offer. But there is no confirmation on the issue and it is likely that the announcement about the new cast will be made after airing of the June 13 episode.