It's Confirmed: Super Junior's Ryeowook is Dating Former TAHITI Member Ari; News Hurts ELF?

Super Junior's Ryeowook has tendered an apology to his fans, who are called ELF, for not revealing the news earlier.

Super Junior's Ryeowook has confirmed that he is dating former TAHITI member Ari. Both are considered to be good friends and were spotted together multiple times, leading to dating rumors. Now, their relationship has been confirmed and Ryeowook's agency too has issued a statement in this regard.

Super Junior's agency Label SJ stated that both Ryeowook and Ari shared good relationship as senior and junior in the industry, and were now dating. "We confirm that Ryeowook and Ari are in a romantic relationship'" stated Label SJ. The news was revealed as speculations were made by fans on the official fan website of Ryeowook that he was in a relationship.

Ryeowook and Ari were introduced to each other through an acquaintance. Since then they have been good friends. Ryeowook's agency also stated that the couple has been friends but started dating recently.

Ari Ryeowook
Former TAHITI member Ari is dating Super Junior's Ryeowook. Instagram

ELF Hurt by Ryeowook's Dating News?

Fans of the boy band Super Junior are called ELF [abbreviation for Everlasting Friends]. It was only after ELF had started speculating about Ryeowook's relationship status and commented on his official website that, the singer revealed the news. Before the news was confirmed multiple photos of the two were being shared on social media, making ELFs wonder why was their idol keeping the news a secret.

It is a known fact that announcement of dating news by an idol usually hurts the fans and it was the same case with ELFs too. Acknowledging their feelings, Ryeowoon took to social media and wrote a letter to his fans, tendering an apology.

He posted a letter to ELF on LYSN social media app and explained in detail confirming that he was dating Ari. "I'm sorry for making you all wait for so long. I was worried about how to start, while thinking about the ELF who must have felt hurt by the news, no matter what I say," said Ryeowook in the beginning of the letter. As there were write ups and social media posts regarding the girl Ryeowook was dating, he revealed to his fans: "The friend that was being talked about, I am dating her."

Misunderstandings and Rumors

He also tried to address the misunderstandings and said: "There are some stories that I have never said or thought about. Both Super Junior and ELF are so precious to me. It's a shame that there are so many false rumors spreading."

He also spoke about the café as fans showed their anger against Ari for making frequent appearances at the café Ryeowook was planning to open. He said that he was planning to open the café for his parents and said that he was getting help from Ari on designing the café.

"My actions hurt ELF. You gave me your love and trust, even though I didn't deserve it, I feel so sorry. I am also very sorry to my members who must have been very surprised. I will think carefully before acting from now on," said Ryeowook addressing his fans.

Ryeowook debuted with Super Junior in 2005. Kim Ryeo Wook, better known as Ryeowook, has performed as the member of boy group Super Junior and its subgroups, Super Junior-K.R.Y. and Super Junior-M. The singer is one of the first Korean artistes to appear on Chinese postage stamps. Ryeowook released his first solo album The Little Prince in 2016.

Kim Sun Young, best known as Ari, debuted with the girl band TAHITI in 2012. She is currently concentrating on acting and was recently seen in the play "Mom's Recipe.'

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