South African singer Makhadzi grabs a fan's crotch on stage; netizens slam her indecent gesture

A video of South African singer Makhadzi grabbing a fan's crotch on stage has surfaced online, which is now being criticised by a section of netizens. Many are now accusing her of sexually assault.

South African singer Makhadzi grabs a fan's crotch on stage
South African singer Makhadzi grabs a fan's crotch on stage. Makhadzi Instagram

In the said video, Makhadzi is seen performing with full of energy and a fan gets the opportunity to dance with her. Apparently, she gets carried away at some point and repeatedly grabs his crotch. Although the man seemed like had no issues with her twerks at him, netizens have not taken it lightly as they raise pertinent questions.

"Imagine if this was a man doing this to (a) woman. My thoughts exactly, Twitter would have that guy's head on a plate as we speak. Mara coz (but because) we are guys we are expected to just enjoy the moment and not think too much about what's actually being done to you..." a user reacted to her video.

Another person on Twtter posted, "Makhadzi is sexually harassing this guy, cause vele all that matters to him is that he is on the stage," "If it was a female this was going to be a different story," a Twitter user remarked.

Looking at the response, there is a perception among the people that a similar act by a male artist might have got altogether a different reaction by feminist.

Meanwhile, Makhadzi has wished her ex-boyfriend Master KG, who won an Icon of The Year award at the SA Style Awards. Her gesture has been appreciated by her fans.