Source Music Offers Refunds to BUDDY, Issues Clarification on GFRIEND Social Media Account

Source Music assures that all existing GFRIEND social media accounts will be maintained by the agency.

Source Music has issued an apology for the sudden announcement of disbanding KPop girl group GFRIEND. Responding to concerns raised by fans [called BUDDY], the agency addressed issues of handling social media accounts of the official group GFRIEND. It has also issued a set of offers for BUDDIES.

Speaking about GFRIEND's social media accounts including Instagram handles, Source Music said that for the time being it will continue to maintain all existing GFRIEND social media accounts. However, certain functions including option for new posts will be suspended after a certain period of time.

Korean pop girl band GFRIEND. Instagram

GFRIEND Social Media Accounts

The agency also assured that it will provide refunds to GFRIEND's official fan club members for the remainder of their BUDDY memberships. Even those who were selected for LABYRINTH fan signing event will also receive a refund as the event has been cancelled. Here is what Source Music had to say in its official statement.

"The official GFRIEND social media, fan cafe and GFRIEND Weverse will remain open with the existing content available for access. However, some functions including writing new postings will be suspended after a certain period of time. As functions and services vary by channel and community, please refer to more detailed notices that will become available. You will be able to access this content in the future whenever you wish to recall your fond memories with GFRIEND" stated Source Music.

BUDDY Refunds

Elaborating about BUDDY refund, it said: "If your GFRIEND BUDDY membership is currently valid, a refund can be provided as per Weverse Membership refund guidelines. However, it may take some time before you receive your refund as we are still preparing detailed measures. We ask for your understanding, and we will provide detailed instructions for your refund process as soon as possible."

Addressing the cancellation of LABYRINTH fan signing event, Source Music said: "The LABYRINTH fan sign event, which had been postponed due to the spread of COVID-19, has been cancelled. Refunds will be provided to those selected for the fan sign event according to a separate set of criteria."

The agency sated that Kakao Entertainment, which had organized the event, will contact those selected for the event individually regarding the process. The agency provided a contact number of the organizer (Record Distribution Team: 02-2280-7890) in case the members have any queries.

The agency has assured that other GFRIEND IP-related services such as HYBE INSIGHT and SuperStar GFRIEND will continue until they are brought to a conclusion according to separate schedules.

Answering queries about BUDDIES concerns about the future of GFRIEND members Sowon, Yuju, Yerin, Eunha, SinB, and Umji, Source Music said that it will continue to support them. "Our company will continue to support the members to ensure that their first steps are filled with hope, and we will continue to be on their side for their future endeavours. We will strive to ensure that all fans can remember GFRIEND and remain by their side for as long as we possibly can," stated the agency.

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