Sony to release PlayStation 5? Release date, price doing rounds on internet

Rumours suggest that the PlayStation 5 might come with a price tag of $500.

2016 had been a great year for Sony. It launched three gaming products – PlayStation 4 Slim, PlayStation VR and PlayStation 4 Pro – last year. However, rumours are being recently churned out that the company is planning to release PlayStation 5. Not only this, even the launch date is being discussed on Facebook. We can totally understand the joy of a game enthusiast, but people should take things take with a grain of salt until the company says anything officially.

playstation 5

According to Learn Bonds, there are mixed views about the launch date. While there is a group of gamer who believe that the PlayStation 5 will be launched next year, soon after the arrival of the Microsoft Xbox Project Scorpio, some people are saying that the potential launch date of the gaming console will not arrive before 2020.

However, there hasn't been any official confirmation on the release date by Sony.

For those who don't know, Microsoft is presently creating the Xbox Scorpio, which has been deemed to be the most powerful gaming console the company has ever built. This premium console is going to feature a 6 teraflops GPU, along with true 4K gaming and high-fidelity virtual reality. The company is expected to launch the console in 2017 but no official launch date has been announced yet.

Coming back to the PlayStation 5, Sony head Shuhei Yoshida has just said that the future of the console is up to the developers. According to Travelers Today, the PlayStation 5 will offer 4K support. The PlayStation 5 will also be more powerful that the PlayStation 4, according to reports. It might also come without the optical drive as digital downloads are getting popular.

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Furthermore rumours also suggest that Sony is collaborating with AMD for the processing chips and the PlayStation 5 might cost around $500.