Sony withdraws PlayStation Now support from several gaming devices

The devices which are abandoned include PS Vita, PlayStation 3, Blu-ray players and smart TVs.

playstation now

In a surprise move by Sony, the company has announced to abandon a number of devices from getting the support of its PlayStation Now. These devices include PS Vita, PlayStation 3, Blu-ray players and smart TVs from Sony and Samsung.

Apparently, Sony has now decided to pool all its resources to two platforms, PlayStation 4 and PC. Only these two devices will now get PlayStation Now. The discontinued devices will also include 2016 models of Sony's Bravia TVs.

According to a post written by Brian Dunn, the senior marketing manager of PlayStation Now's senior, this decision will definitely put them in the best position to grow the service even further.

The subscribers, who own one of the devices mentioned, have exactly six months in their hands to continue playing until the new rule gets totally implemented. For the 2016 Sony Bravia TV owners the judgment day is April 1 and for the other devices, it's August 15. After these two dates, PlayStation Now will only be available to the PlayStation 4 and PCs only.

Critics are quite skeptical about this move by Sony, as they believe, the company took this decision in order to force people, who own a PS Vita or PlayStation 3 to "upgrade". Let's be honest, not all the customers have the intention or can afford to buy Sony's latest console.

Some people do not see the need to upgrade and their perfectly fine old PS Vitas or simply do not find the latest PS4 to be that much enticing. But this move by Sony, which is to some extent cruel, will now force people to ditch their perfectly working old devices for a new costlier one. This move is somewhat similar to what Apple did with iPhones.

Speaking about PlayStation consoles, Sony has released a new design for its PlayStation 4 Pro. Apparently, it features the same "retro look" that the PlayStation 1 and is called the "PlayStation 4 Pro Ultimate Retro Edition." The console itself retails at a price of $399.99.

In regards as to whether there would be any special specs for the retro model, reports confirm that it carries the same upgrades that all PlayStation 4 Pros have, such as 4k resolution, increased frame rate, HDR and much more. However, it is also best to assume that there will be some technical difficulties of the device until it is tested.

This article was first published on February 18, 2017