Sony PlayStation 5 will arrive by the end of next year, predicts Macquarie Capital Securities analyst Damian Thong, the man who had accurately predicted the launch of PlayStation 4 Slim and Pro.

The PlayStation was launched by Sony in 1994. PS2 came around six after that and PS3 after another six years from the launch of PS2. Seven years after PS3, PS4 arrived in the market and now PS5 would hit the market within less than five years from that.

Although, much has not been revealed regarding the specifications of the PS5, but considering its underlying architecture some of its features can be predicted.

Just like the Xbox One, PS4 is also powered by a custom, AMD-built x86 multi-core processor and AMD GPU. Although it might be possible that Sony would want to maintain compatibility with PS4 titles, but it's safe to say that the PlayStation 5 will have a more powerful processor, faster GPU, more/faster memory, and more storage, reported Forbes.

While it's possible that Sony will stick to the existing architecture, the slim probability of coming up with a completely new design and a newly customized processor is also there. As per the publication, since PS4 has been a huge success, it would cost much more this time to build its own next-gen processor, especially when that platform will face stiffer competition from mobile devices and other cheap set top boxes that will run mobile games.

Forbes said, "Since AMD already has a new CPU architecture out and a next-gen GPU architecture on the way, codenamed Vega, it wouldn't be shocking to see Sony leverage the new technology in the PlayStation 5."

Considering the recent launch of PS4 Pro, it's highly unlikely that Sony will confirm this rumour anytime soon.