Song Joong Ki Starrer Vincenzo Was Not Filmed in Italy; Episode 7, 8 Spoilers [VIDEO]

Song Joong Ki appears as a witness, Jeon Yeo Bin is detained, but still Taecyeon is crying in despair- watch Vincenzo episode 7.

Song Joong Ki, Jeon Yeo Bin and Ok Taecyeon starrer drama Vincenzo has released details about making of the drama. Guess what, the lavish, splendid scenes of Vincenzo from Italy were not shot in Italy. The channel tvN released a video of making of these scenes and fans are in awe.

The video shows that the scenes of Italy were shot in South Korea. Scenery, buildings and the feel of Italy were brought to the drama with the help of computer graphic skills. Fans are wholeheartedly praising the CGI effects as they had thought that the scenes from Italy were shot at a location that was similar to the foreign country.

The drama Vincenzo is being loved not only domestically but also winning praises internationally. It is one of the popular dramas awaited by fans across the world. The drama has aired six episodes so far and the seventh episode will be on air shortly.

Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin in the drama Vincenzo. Instagram

Episode 7 Spoilers

The sixth episode ended with a shocker where Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin were outsmarted by the evil Wusang lawyer and they ended up losing their witnesses against the Babel group. But the episode ended with Song Joong Ki himself entering the court as a witness.

Recent stills from episode 7 show Song Joong Ki with a serious expression standing in the witness box. Whereas Jeon Yeo Bin looks relaxed and confident. However, the next set of stills show Jeon Yeo Bin inside the lock-up, desperately pleading Song Joong Ki to bail her out. Perhaps the charges against Jeon Yeo Bin are not that serious, both the lead characters are seen out of the station in the next still.

But the preview shows Babel group lawyers in a shock when Song Joong Ki announces the presence of a vital witness. Adding to the intensity of the plot, Soompi revealed that the heroes will turn tables. Episode 7 will show Geumga Plaza going through another crisis. But the production crew told Soompi that Song Joong Ki will come up with an even more exciting defensive plan than the insider party.

Preview for episode 7 ends with Babel Group chairman Taecyeon crying out in despair. Looks like Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin are sure to find a hidden card in episode 7. Watch Vincenzo on tvN at 9 PM KST and also on Netflix.

Vincenzo was not shot in Italy. Watch the making video here:

Preview of Vincenzo episode 7:

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