Song Joong Ki buys new luxury apartment worth $2.88 million at Honolulu in Hawaii

After the news of Song Joong Ki demolishing and rebuilding his wedding house in Itaewon, now the news of his new apartment in Hawaii is making rounds

After demolishing his Itaewon wedding mansion for rebuilding, Song Joong Ki is said to have brought a luxury apartment as vacation home worth $2.88 million in Hawaii. The news was first reported by Sports Chosun. Song Joong Ki is said to have purchased the luxury condo in December 2019. Reports claim that the Arthdal Chronicles actor is likely to use this apartment as vacation home.

The apartment is situated near Ala Moana Beach Park by Waikiki Beach. This area has the most luxurious and expensive apartments and houses. The apartment brought by Song Joong Ki is a part of 40-storey building. Though the exact apartment is not known it is said that the actor has brought a house in one of the higher floors to get the best ocean view. The building is known to have advanced security features and also privacy, apt for a celebrity to spend some time away from media and fans.

Song Joong Ki's shooting was halted due to coronavirus

Song Joong Ki
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On March 24, Song Joong Ki returned to South Korea from South American country Columbia, where he was shooting for the film Bogota. The shooting was halted due to coronavirus scare and the entire crew has been sent back home until further notice. Song Joong Ki is said to be practicing self-quarantine and has decided not to travel inside or outside the country till the situation becomes clear.

Recently, reports claimed that work on demolishing Song Joong Ki's house in Itaewon, brought as a wedding home after getting hitched to his Descendants of the Star Song Hye Kyo in 2017. The house is being demolished after the couple divorced in July 2019. Song Joong Ki is said to be restructuring the house with three underground floors and two above the ground level.

In another news, Arthdal Chronicles production house confirmed the third series of the fantasy drama. Song Joong Ki starred in duel roles in the first two series. There were reports that the production house was trying to adjust the dates of the stars for the third series. It is not sure if Song Joong Ki will come back to the small screen after filming back to back for two films (Victory-first Korean Sci-fi movie and Bogota).

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