Social Distancing Done Right: Incredible Photos of THESE Birds Exchanging Prey Mid-Air Go Viral

Photos showing a male and a female Northern Harriers exchanging prey mid-air, apparently for their hungry nestlings, goes viral.

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A series of photos showing birds exchanging prey mid-air go viral on social media. [Image for representational purpose only] Patrick Coughlin/Twitter

Due to the uncontrollable spread of the novel Coronavirus all over the globe, health experts have suggested maintaining social distance while interacting with people. With fewer people in public places, it looks like even animals and birds are realizing that something big is happening around them.

From every nook and corner of the world, photos and videos of animals appearing in public spaces without human interference have been surfacing online. Now, an interesting series of photos of two birds exchanging prey mid-air has started doing the rounds on social media. Undoubtedly, these birds, identified as Northern Harrier, have also 'learned about social distancing' in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. In the images, the male bird is seen dropping a dead prey without its head to the female bird, apparently to feed their hungry nestlings. Of course an apt 'contactless delivery' during this pandemic time!

The images, perfectly captured by wildlife photographer Patrick Coughlin, have gone viral on social media ever since he shared them on his Twitter handle on May 16. It is understood that this incident happened in coastal California.

"For anyone wondering, these are a male and female Northern Harrier, exchanging prey for possible nestlings," the photographer wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, netizens seem to be awestruck with the skills of not just these birds, but also the photographer, who could capture the moments at the right time perfectly.

"Amazing capture, man. Keep an eye out for fans photo submissions for any of the big companies/magazines such as Nat Geo - photos are amazing (sic)," commented a Twitter user. When a Twitterati enquired what he used to picture these incredible images, the hawk watcher replied saying: "Nikon DSLR and 500mm lens"

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Shannon Skalos

A decapitated and plucked passerine, and mom already has a full crop. Definitely feeding some hungry nestlings! Great pictures.


Outstanding photos, capturing the drama in the sky.

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