THIS Nail-Biting Rescue by a Monkey Shows a Mother's Unconditional Love [VIDEO]

A video of a mother monkey saving her baby from an electric wire has been doing the rounds on social media

There is no great warrior than a mother protecting her child. Yes, a mother dares to do anything to protect her children even when death is awaiting her.

A video of a mother monkey saving her baby from an electric wire has been doing the rounds on social media. In the 1-minute-16-second clip, the baby monkey is seen struggling on an electric wire while it tries to find its way to a group of monkeys waiting at a nearby rooftop.

A Daring Rescue

While the infant is heard crying for help, another monkey believed to be its mother tries her level best to save the young primate by scaling the high-tension wires herself. Though she fails in the first attempt, she tries again and makes a daring leap. This time, she grabs her offspring with its arm, while landing perfectly on the building's terrace.

Mother monkey rescues baby monkey
Video of a mother monkey rescuing baby monkey goes viral Parveen Kaswan, IFS/Twitter

Though we are not sure where exactly this incident occurred, the clip has been shared by the Indian Forest Officer Parveen Kaswan on his Twitter handle. "A rescue operation by mother. How can it fail?" reads the caption of the rescue operation video that has been going viral on social media.

Many netizens have applauded the mother for protecting her child and call it a 'nail-biting operation'. The video, shared on May 16, 2020, has been viewed over 4 lakh times.

Check Out How Netizens Have Reacted To The Mother Monkey's Valiant Effort:

Romel Sharma

Every mother is here in the world to do anything for the well-being of her kids and also be ready to sacrifice her Own life also ..... It's universal truth

Priti Gandhi

Most pious, unconditional relation!!


No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother's love. —Edwin Chapin

Watch the video here:

Mother Cat Bringing Her Sick Kitten To Hospital

Recently, a video of a mother cat bringing her sick kitten to the emergency department of a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey had gone viral on social media. The heartwarming moments were captured by the witnesses at the hospital and was initially uploaded by a Twitterati, Merve Özcan, who wrote, "Today we were in the emergency of the hospital, a cat brought her baby in her mouth to the emergency room (translated from Turkish)."

Netizens even called her the most intelligent mother of the year for bringing her to the right place for treatment.