How did a BBC Sports Commentator's Video Conference with Pet Dogs Go? Watch VIDEO

In a viral video, BBC Scottish sports commentator Andrew Cotter is seen holding a video conference with his canines.

With the majority of countries imposing mandatory shutdown in an attempt to curb the spread of novel Coronavirus, people have either lost their jobs or are forced to work from home. And most of the companies now use Zoom to conduct video conferences with their employees, making it the new normal amid the virus outbreak.

Meanwhile, people also make use of the online platform to stay connected with their friends and family during the quarantine period. However, it looks like video calls are not just meant for human beings as the footage of a call between a man and his pet dogs via Zoom has started doing the rounds on social media.

The viral video shows BBC Scottish sports commentator Andrew Cotter, who is known for his commentary for sporting events like the Olympics, Wimbledon and the Masters. However, since all the events have been canceled amid the COVID-19 outbreak, he has started sharing the moments with Labrador retrievers on social media.

In the latest video, Cotter is seen giving the labradors, Olive and Mabe, an annual report on their performances. He is also heard commenting on them destroying the sofa and chasing the squirrels, to name a few. Being on time for the video call and listening to Cotter patiently, Olive has been selected as the employee of the month for which she would be receiving a small bonus.

BBC sports broadcaster's video call with dogs
The video of BBC sports broadcaster Andrew Cotter's Zoom video call with dogs goes viral on social media Andrew Cotter/Twitter

"You're a good dog. Yes, you are. Who's a good dog? You're a good dog," Cotter is heard speaking to Olive, while Mabel was seen getting distracted and even scratching herself or playing with a toy in the viral video. "This is one of the things that we have to address, the lack of focus at times," Cotter said Mabel. Meanwhile, Mabel even fell asleep and logged off in the middle of the conversation and Cotter is heard saying "We should sack her. We should definitely sack her."

Meanwhile, the screenshot that shows a bunch of canines on a video chat appeared on the Twitter handle Bryant Athletics impressing many dog lovers.