'Slurry' Don Jr Rants Against Biden; Social Media Asks If He is High on Coke

Donald Trump Jr. released a new video targeting the U.S. President Joe Biden for reading off a teleprompter. However, the video misfired when several social media claimed that Don Jr was high on some substance during his rant.

The nearly five minute video uploaded by the former U.S. President's son on his Facebook page was titled, "Pathetic: Biden can't read a teleprompter!" The video has been viewed over 387,000 times since it was uploaded on Friday.

Donald Trump Jr
Donald Trump Jr Twitter

Don Jr Questions Biden's Capabilities as a President

Taking an aim at the U.S. President, Don Jr began his rant by talking about Biden's recent appearances including his speech to pay tribute to former senator Bob Dole.

"Guys Joe Biden is at it again, reading the instructions from the teleprompter and not being able to decide what's the quote and what's the message. He did it again earlier this week with the United Stake of America, at least that's what it sounded like to me," he said in context of Biden's press conference to mark one year in the presidential office.

"The guy can't tell when he is supposed to stop reading the instructions," he added, pointing out that he waved "like a little child to Vladmir Putin in their meeting, virtual meeting."

"You know what, can't put Joe Biden in the same room with someone, he might let one rip. Guys... Joe Biden... is what stands between us and... a nuclear capable China. Joe Biden is the guy they're gonna call at three in the morning... if there's a serious crisis... with Russia," Don Jr. said.

"...do you feel comfortable with this being the man who is going to get the call, where he will have to make a decision possibly that could affect our lives, and your family, your children and your loved ones cause I sure as hell am not confident that this guy is capable of making even basic decisions on his own," he went on to add.

Don Jr Gets Trolled on Social Media

Many accused the former President's son of being under the influence of some substance when Don Jr. went on his rant. Some others even claimed that it was a meltdown followed tremendous pressure on Don Jr.

"Don Jr. is on another bender. The pressure must be getting to him. His deranged, slurred, unnatural, speech is clearly drug fueled," tweeted a user.

"​​This is why you don't do drugs kids. Slurred speech, lack of coordination, involuntary eye movements,​ and eventually... delirium. DT Jr. needs intervention. ​Seek help, dude," commented a Facebook user.

"How is that Coke been treating you lately. Seriously stop making videos when you're so high your words are slurring," wrote a user as another commented, "Wow u need help buddy either a speech and language pathologist or put the coke and booze away. Know when to fold 'em."

"Can any people in recovery confirm if this is coke? Like for sure, not just amateur guessing like me?" read another tweet.