Sky Castle Couple Kim Bo Ra And Jo Byung Gyu Confirm Break-Up; Fans Can't Believe The Reason

Kim Bo Ra and Jo Byung Gyu, who had starred in hit drama Sky Castle together, had confirmed their relationship in February 2019.

Kim Bo Ra and Jo Byung Gyu, who starred in the 2019 hit drama Sky Castle, has confirmed that they have broken up. The young couple of the Sky Castle had met for the first time during the shooting of the drama. Fans still can't believe the news and have expressed sadness over the separation of the couple.

The reason given is that both the actors are busy and that they couldn't make time for each other. Kim Bo Ra's agency MoMent Global stated: "The two naturally grew apart, and they recently broke up. They have returned to being acquaintances."

Jo Byung Gyu Kim Bo Ra
Jo Byung Gyu and Kim Bo Ra of Sky Castle fame have broken up after dating for more than a year. Instagram

Missed The Right Timing?

Reports claim that since the success of Sky Castle, Jo Byung Gyu has been getting prominent roles and he is working without any break. He was cast in his first-ever lead role in the drama Stove League which aired on SBS between Dec. 13, 2019 and Feb. 14, 2020.

Soon after that Gyung Gyu became busy with his upcoming OCN drama Fascinating Rumor (tentative title). Kim Bo Ra has also landed a major role in MBC's SF8 series Joan's Galaxy. With both busy with work, it is said that the couple could not keep in touch with each other and this led to both taking the decision to break up to concentrate on their professional lives.

The couple made their relationship public on February 21, 2019. The relationship lasted for one-and-a-half-year. But fans still can't believe that it is over between Bo Ra and Byung Gyu. A number of comments on social media state that the fans hope that the couple gets back together. Many have even expressed their doubt about the time factor being the reason between the break-up.

From Loco to Lee Joon, Recent Celebrity Breakups

However, most celebrities in the Korean entertainment industry mention either time constraint or differences in personality as the reason while confirming the break-up. Another couple Lee Joon and Jung So Min, who had acted together in couple My Father is Strange drama, also confirmed the news of their breakup in June 2020 after being together for three years. The reason was that both had stayed away from each other a lot and couldn't give each other time.

In April this year, Kpop star Loco and actress Stephanie also confirmed their breakup. The couple was dating for over a year and agencies stated that both have decided to remain good friends after separation. The reason for their separation was not revealed. Even Lee Min Ho of The King: Eternal Monarch fame, had given the reason for breaking up with Bay Suzy in 2016 as the lack of time that had resulted in growing distance between both.