Loco and Stephanie Lee dating: Agencies confirm news with latest information on break-up

Loco's agency AOMG says that Loco and Stephanie recently ended their relationship, while Stephanie's agency YNK Entertainment said she met Loco for sometime.

Loco and Stephanie Lee
Loco and Stephanie Lee Instagram

Agencies of Loco and actress Stephanie Lee have confirmed the news that the celebrities were dating earlier but are not in a relationship currently. It was said that Loco and Stephanie were dating since early last year and were in a relationship for over a year. Reports claimed that they began dating shortly after they met through an acquaintance in 2019.

Reacting to the reports of Loco and Stephanie dating, their respective agencies issued a clarification in this regard and made statements to clear the air. Accordingly, Loco's agency AOMG stated that Loco and Stephanie recently ended their relationship. But both have decided to maintain an amicable relationship and will treat each other like colleagues.

Giving a similar response Stephanie's agency YNK Entertainment stated that she met Loco for sometime but currently they were not in a relationship. Instead they are just friends, her agency clarified.

Loco became popular after he emerged as winner of Show Me the Money reality show. He has been serving as conscripted policeman since February 2019.

Stephanie is a well known model and actress. She became popular with her performances in dramas "The Last Empress" and "Partners for Justice."

Earlier TV Daily aired an exclusive report that Loco and Stephanie were in a relationship. It also said, after they were introduced by acquaintances, the duo met up for dates without being aware of the public eye surrounding them. Their relationship did not change even after Loco enlisted in the military in February 2019, the report had claimed.

Loco and Hwasa

In 2018, there were speculations that Loco was allegedly dating Mamamoo's Hwasa after their collaboration for "Don't Give It to Me." Fans also started speaking about it after LOCO and Hwasa appeared on Hyena on the Keyboard in the same year. But both singers had never confirmed their relationship.

However, even if the relationship between Loco and Stephanie was confirmed, it looks like fans will have no chance of congratulating the couple as they have decided to remain friends/colleagues after ending their relationship.

Stephanie is set to star in the drama "Wings, Fly Up," scheduled for shooting in 2020. Meanwhile, Kwon Hyuk-woo popularly known as Loco will complete his military service in November 2020.