Size doesn't matter: Men with small 'things' now have their own dating site

Dinky One is a new matchmaking website that aims to combat genital-size pressure by helping those with smaller 'things' find love

These days, there are dating sites for everyone, from beard owners to Trump supporters. Now, there's a new addition to the list: a dating platform for men with small penises.

Dinky One is a new dating site for less-endowed men and helps them find a match who prefers it that way, without the awkward conversation. Those with a phallus smaller than 5.5 inches, which is the global average erect penis length, are eligible to sign up, the website says.

A dating site for men

Dinky One
Dinky One

"Dinky One was created to help guys who are smaller than average," founder David Minns told The New York Post. "Smaller guys can use the site privately and date outside of their usual network. Everyone understands the situation in advance, allowing couples to focus on getting to know each other and dating."

The website does not require users to add photos and explicitly bans sharing nude images on the platform. It also allows anonymous profiles to be created provided that a legitimate email address is shared.

Dealing with pressure

Founded by David Minns, Dinky One aims to help users deal with the pressures of having a small penis that has been imposed by the media. "Media and the internet are putting ever-increasing pressure on men to measure up to certain standards, be it body image or penis size. Body image is generally within your control but penis size is not unless you undergo surgery," their website reads.

A large chunk of this anxiety is also brought on by the porn industry. "The adult entertainment industry only casts males with well over average-sized penises," Minns explained to Pink News. "In addition, adverts on major porn sites advertise dubious products to increase penis size."

27,000 users and counting

Dinky One has already amassed 27,762 users after going live on March 9, with a ratio of 71 percent male to 27 percent female and two percent transgender.

Minns sees the increase in users as a good sign. "Guys have not shied away from signing up to Dinky One," he said, "and has opened the global debate of does size really matter and hopefully goes some way to building male body confidence."

Dinky One
Dinky One

"When you're a smaller man dating is very complicated," one anonymous user, aged 36, wrote in the site's testimonials. "It's therefore far better to date online with strangers and even better on a dedicated site such as Dinky One as everyone knows in advance."

Another user said she simply prefers smaller penises. "I find sex painful with a man bigger than four inches and in the past have had to resort to oral but miss that close intimacy of sex."