Singer Bebe Rexha Dies From Drug Overdose, Family Confirms in Statement; Here is the Truth

A viral claim stating that singer Bebe Rexha died following a drug overdose is found to be fake. Even as the viral claim prompted several social media users to pay tributes to the 'late singer', Rexha took to Twitter to confirm that she is very much alive.

It is not the first time that a celebrity was targeted by rumours on the social media. The rumour surrounding Rexha's death started after a viral image claimed that she died from drug overdose.

Bebe Rexha
Singer Bebe Rexha Twitter

Rexha's Death Claim Goes Viral on Social Media

The tweet in the viral image read: "Breaking @CNN has confirmed that Pop Star @BebeRexha has passed away due to drug overdose in her California home. Bebe's family has released a press statement saying "She was the light in our lives. We would appreciate some privacy in this difficult times."

Bebe Rexha
The viral image of fake claim about Bebe Rexha's death. Twitter

The tweet also carried an image of Rexha and covered dead body placed on a stretcher. The viral image prompted several users to pay tributes to the departed singer. "Missing Bebe is going through a marathon on YouTube and watching interviews, live performances, music videos and instagram lives... in conclusion I miss @BebeRexha," tweeted a user.

The Arts of Entertainment too published the report of Rexha's death in its article titled, "Bebe Rexha Death-Dead/Pop Star Bebe Rexha Obituary/Cause of Death." The outlet further reported that the funeral and obituary arrangement of the singer has not been officially released yet.

Rexha Clears Rumors About Her Death

Shocked over the rumours of her death, Rexha reposted the viral image and wrote, "Omg god forbid what the hell. That's messsd up god forbid."

"Jeez I stay off line for three days and not only am I dead but I died of a drug overdose?!?!" she went on to add in another tweet. The singer also tweeted an image showing that "Bebe Rexha Died" was one of the searched topics on the microblogging site.

In yet another twee, Rexha while making fun of the fake claim, wrote "I'm a ghost. I'm tweeting from your bedroom closet. Boo bitch." She also uploaded a voice note singing "Bitch, I am Ghost." The singer has 1.9 million followers on Twitter.

There were several users who also made light of the fake claim after it was confirmed to be a rumour. "everybody, i think we're just overreacting speaking of rumors about bebe rexha's drug overdose. this is not what you think it is. perhaps, only perhaps, everyone thinks about it; she just got a hair color change and she already died? no, she didn't passed away," a user wrote.

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