Singapore Singer Aliff Aziz Pleads Guilty to Stealing Money from Indonesian Artiste

Aliff met actress Raja Yunika Perdhana Putri from Indonesia at Studio M Hotel last year.

Singapore singer Mohamad Aliff Aziz pleaded guilty to stealing from a hotel room of an Indonesian celebrity and behaving in a disorderly manner in public outside Orchard Towers. However, this was not his only brush with the law. The singer, in 2014, stole two mobile phones and was fined $2,000. His sentencing will be considered under a third charge for stealing a packet of cigarettes with lighter at Starbucks, according to reports on leading media website CNA.

It seems the 29-year-old actor-singer Aliff Aziz was in need of cash when he opened the Indonesian actress's handbag and stole $300 and one million rupiah (S$94) in cash in her hotel room while she was resting. According to reports, it was revealed in court that Aliff, who is a freelance singer based in Singapore and Malaysia, had met the actress Raja Yunika Perdhana Putri from Indonesia at Studio M Hotel on June 7 last year.

After the Singaporean singer-actor pleaded guilty, his lawyer Murali Pillai from Rajah & Tann requested the court to grant a report for assessing Aliff's suitability for a mandatory treatment order (MTO), which directs an offender to treat psychiatric conditions in lieu of prison sentence.

Aliff Aziz Pleads Guilty for Theft
Aliff Aziz Pleads Guilty for Theft YouTube Screen Grab

What Happened at the Hotel?

On June 7 last year, Aliff Aziz went to visit Raja Yunika Perdhana Putri at Studio M hotel in Nanson Road near Havelock Road at around midnight. He was eager to discuss how she could help him in his singing career in Indonesia.

While both were in the hotel room, Raja Yunika left her handbag near Aliff Aziz at around 1:00 AM and went to the second storey of her room to rest. Seeing an opportunity, Aziz opened the handbag and took the money and left the room. Later, when the actress woke up she noticed that her money was gone, she phoned Aliff. However, the singer denied stealing the money and the celebrity filed a police report on the same day.

On the work front, Aliff Aziz is managed under Sony Music BMG Malaysia. The singer was crowned the winner of Anugerah, a reality TV singing competition in July 2007. At that time, Aziz was the youngest winner of the competition.