Singapore: 46-year-old former security guard arrested for filming girls in changing rooms

Singapore man arrested for obscene video distribution
Singapore man arrested for obscene video distribution (Representation picture) Reuters & Pixabay

A 46-year-old former security guard from Singapore was found guilty on January 31, Wednesday for possessing 801 obscene films for the purpose of online distribution.

The convict named Ali V. P. Mohamed who worked as security guard for more than 20 years was presented in the court for a continuous two-day trial which started on Monday. District Judge Kessler Soh announced the sentence on Wednesday.

The guilty was a part of an online voyeuristic videos distribution group. These kinds of videos are usually captured by using hidden cameras. Along with Ali, there is another person related to this case and to be convicted in court.

The crime came to the spotlight when police lodged a report in November 2016 that there are certain films coming out via the internet which includes nude videos of girls. According to reports in those videos mostly school girls were filmed inside a changing room.

These kinds of sexual content based videos were being circulated on Sammyboy Forum, which is known as an online discussion site. This portal is a sex-themed online site. People share obscene materials via this site.

In October 2017, a 27-year-old former sales engineer named Joel Chew Weichen was given six months of imprisonment, as the legal authority found him guilty of distributing 280 obscene films in Whampoa Drive.

There are three other suspects found involved in the case, a 28-year-old fund accountant Shaun Lee, Clarence Tang Jia Ming, a 25-year-old digital marketing specialist, 27-year-old customer service officer Ong Yi Jie aka Kenneth.

Ali who is now jobless was the owner of a Google Group called SG Horizon Club. Police arrested him from his home in Bangkok Crescent on November 23, 2016.

While defending himself, Ali admitted that even though he had those films, those were not for distribution, as he wanted to expose the wrongdoers in Little SG, the traders of such videos.

But Deputy Public Prosecutor Houston Johannus addressed Ali's explanations as a ridiculous defense. He urged the court to give two years of imprisonment to Ali with a fine of $80,000.

The court will give its verdict on Wednesday afternoon.