Singapore loses sparkle; isn't all that exciting afterall, claims Time Out City Life Index 2018

Chicago clinches first place, becomes one of the happiest and proudest cities in the world

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The Singapore Merlion is seen in front of the city centre, in Singapore. Reuters

Singapore, the country with 5.6m population and one of the most glamorous places to host thrilling Formula 1 race is now ranked as one of the least exciting cities among others from all around the world.

Time Out's City Life Index 2018, published on January 31 showcased that the lion city has managed to achieve rank 31 in the list of exciting cities in the world.

The survey of 15,000 residents across the 32 cities was a joint venture of Time Out and Tapestry Research, which included certain criteria such as happiness, culture, food, drink, friendliness, liveability and affordability.

The leading global media and entertainment business, Time Out announced Singapore as the worst rated city, in terms of culture, and the worst in terms of drinking apart from Dubai.

The south-east Asian city received 98.7 points, mostly because of its good ratings for safety and public transport, including its buzzier restaurant scene compared to other low ranked cities on the list.

In the ranking list, the Turkish city Istanbul has received the last place with 87.1 points. According to the survey, the residents of the city think that Istanbul is "a rip-off". They also don't consider it as one of the safest places in the world. In an addition to this Istanbul locals said that they don't feel proud and enjoy much while living in the city.

Chicago, on the other hand, received the top place as the greatest city in the world, despite the fact that the city's homicide rate is still high. It has gained the first place due to its bar scenes, live music and culture.

Chicago achieved 138.2 points and has been pronounced as one of the happiest and proudest cities worldwide.

The second place receiver, Porto is described as the best place in the world for making friends, finding love and feeling free to be yourself. This city has also been announced as the most affordable place for a night out.

The third-place receiver New York received 134.6 points for culture, nightlife, and dining. It has also been addressed as one of the most stressed cities.

Here is the complete list of top cities according to Time Out's City Life Index 2018:

1) Chicago (138.2 points)

2) Porto (137.9 points)

3) New York (134.6 points)

4) Melbourne (132.3 points)

5) London (131.4 points)

6) Madrid (131.1 points)

7) Manchester (130.9 points)

8) Lisbon (130.2 points)

9) Philadelphia (129.2 points)

10) Barcelona (128.4 points)

11) Edinburgh (128.2 points)

12) Tel Aviv (125.8 points)

13) Austin (125.3 points)

14) Paris (124.9 points)

15) Mexico City (121.2 points)

16) Shanghai (119.5 points)

17) San Francisco (119.4 points)

18) Berlin (119.2 points)

19) Tokyo (117.7 points)

20) Los Angeles (116.8 points)

21) Zurich (115.3 points)

22) Beijing (113.0 points)

23) Washington, DC (111.3 points)

24) Bangkok (111.0 points)

25) Moscow (110.2 points)

26) Hong Kong (109.6 points)

27) Miami (107.9 points)

28) Sydney (106.1 points)

29) Dubai (105.3 points)

30) Boston (103.7 points)

31) Singapore (98.7 points)

32) Istanbul (87.1 points)