Singapore: Police arrests 22-year-old man for keeping illegal pistol, explosives and ammunition

Singapore man got arrested (Representational image) Pixabay

Kang Chun How, a 22-year-old man was found guilty on Monday, January 29 for possessing illegal air pistol, an explosive substance and several rounds of ammunition at his place, including consumption and possession of a controlled drug.

Since 2012, Kang was carrying the pistol and he learned how to make explosives through online tutorials.

According to reports, the substance which he created in the same year after learning the making process online, was a mixture of potassium nitrate and sucrose known as "R Candy" or "Rocket Candy".

Kumaresan Gohulabalan, the Deputy Public Prosecutor has confirmed that Kang had searched online the procedure of making sparkler rockets, including improvised weapon.

The district court also heard from DPP Gohulabalan that the investigators found various searches related to rocket valves.

In September 2015, for investigation purpose, narcotics officers went to Kang's home, which was in Yishun. During the search mission at his place, authority recovered seven cartridges.

According to DPP Kumaresan, later Kang claimed that he obtained them from friends but he was not able to provide any contact details to the authority.

Officers searched his flat on the same day. From where they found a packet of vegetable matter. But they later discovered that it was cannabis mixture. The officers also recovered the illegal air pistol, some boxes of pellets, including a knife and some bottles filled with some kind of chemical mixtures.

When officers seized all those items from Kang's flat, they arrested the alleged criminal on the spot. They took a sample of his urine and it was tested positive for a controlled drug.

According to reports, the court will give its final verdict on February 21, 2017.

Any convict under the Arms and Explosives Act can face up to three years of imprisonment with a fine up to $10,000, per charge and for the consumption and possession of the controlled drug, the guilty can be sentenced to 10 years in jail with or without a fine up to $20,000.