Shocking: Speeding Car Crashes Into New Jersey Gas Station, Setting Fuel Pumps on Fire

A red sedan can be seen sideswiping another car before losing control and slamming into two gas pumps setting them on fire.

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A gas station in New Jersey was ignited on Tuesday after a car crashed into another vehicle before ramming into two gas pumps in a fiery wreck, authorities said. A video clip of the near-fatal crash was released by the township police later showing the vehicle striking two gas pumps and setting it on fire. Luckily no lives were lost.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident. However, no one has yet been summoned or arrested. The accident happened at a time when the Tropical Storm Isaias had just hit the state which made driving conditions difficult due to the heavy rains that lashed the city and adjoining areas.

A Brush with Death

Car Crash
A sequence of car crashing into the gas pumps Facebook

The video clip of the accident released by police shows two vehicles involved in the crash near Driscoll Road. A red sedan can be seen sideswiping the other car before it losing control when attempting to enter the station and in the processes slamming into two gas pumps, one after the other.

The video has left even the police shocked although no one luckily was injured in the crash which could have been fatal. "We are fortunate to say that there were no life threatening injuries reported," the North Brunswick Police Department wrote on Facebook. "Just a reminder to please use caution while driving, especially days like today," the message further read.

Deputies responded to a call on 911 and rushed to the scene. They were joined by emergency rescue and fire crews. However, it is still not known if anyone has been summoned to court as part of the investigations.

Lucky Escape

The accident happened on a day when tropical storm Isaias battered New Jersey with heavy rains and winds North Brunswick Police Department

Another SUV which had left the station seconds ago after refilling gas narrowly escaped the crash as it was just next to one of the pumps and the fire could have easily spread into the vehicle. The accident happened on a day when tropical storm Isaias battered New Jersey with heavy rains and winds, causing at least two tornadoes and downing power lines across the Shore area.

Driving conditions were impacted throughout the day. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy had urged motorists on Monday night to avoid driving as the storm approached. It is likely that the driver of the car was hurrying to refill before the storm hit and in the process lost control and rammed into the gas pumps before overturning. Also, no employees of the gas station were injured in the crash.