SHOCKING: Video Shows 19-Yr-Old Caregiver Slapping and Punching 88-Year-Old Patient in Florida

The video shows a furious Johnah Delgado first slapping the victim and then punching him in his stomach

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Police have arrested a 19-year-old caregiver for abusing an ailing elderly Florida man in Hillsborough County. The incident came to light after the teen slapping and punching the patient was caught in a surveillance video, following which he was arrested. The accused has now been charged for abuse of an elderly man.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office has released the video of the assault with a disclaimer that the video may be difficult for some to watch. The incident is the latest in a series of human brutality faced by the elderly and the disabled in the United States who are left at the mercy of caregivers.

Inhuman Act

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office arrested 19-year-old Johnah Delgado on Wednesday for abusing an 88-year-old patient he was attending in Florida. The elderly patient, according to the police is disabled and needs full-time care for all his basic needs.

Delgado was the on-duty caregiver on that day. The surveillance video placed at the elderly patient's home shows Delgado trying to lift the victim from his bed and placing him in a wheelchair. After placing the victim, he suddenly slaps him on his face and then on his head. The helpless victim is seen not making any effort to resist the assault as he is too fragile.

Moments later, Delgado is seen picking up an object, probably an adult diaper, and throwing it on the bed. Following that he gets more aggressive and starts slapping the patient again. He then tries to drag the victim out of the chair and punches him on the face. Delgado, who had his earphone plugged in all this while, then removes it and places the old man back on the bed and starts punching him in his stomach.

Punished for His Deeds

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Johnah Delgado is facing charges of abuse of an elderly or disabled adult and battery. Pixabay

Abuse of people aged 60 and older is widespread in the United States. A 2017 study shows elder abuse affects one in six older adults worldwide, which is roughly 141 million people. In fact, a growing number of incidents of patients getting physically abused at home is being reportedly lately.

However, in this case, the patient being at home helped, as it was easier for the police to get access to the surveillance camera, where everything got recorded. An arrest warrant was issued immediately, following which Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office arrested him with help from Pasco County Sheriff's Office. However, the victim wasn't seriously injured. Delgado is now facing charges of abuse of an elderly or disabled adult and battery, according to HCSO.


WARNING: this video is graphic and may be difficult for some to watch.#teamHCSO arrested Jonah Delgado (19) for physically abusing an 88-year-old man in #HillsboroughCounty.On August 5, Delgado was the on-duty caregiver for the victim, who requires full-time care for basic needs.Home surveillance shows Delgado physically abusing the victim after placing the victim in a wheelchair. Delgado is seen hitting the victim multiple times in the face, head and stomach.Detectives quickly obtained an arrest warrant. Pasco County Sheriff’s Office assisted in Delgado’s arrest. He’s now charged with Abuse of Elderly or Disabled Adult and Battery.The victim is okay and did not sustain serious injuries.

Posted by Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, 6 August 2020
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