Philadelphia Teenager Survives Miraculously After Being Shot 17 Times

Two 15-year-old boys were seriously wounded in a shooting on Monday night that saw an exchange of more than 20 rounds of bullets.

A teenage boy survived after taking 17 bullets in a double shooting incident in North Philadelphia on Monday night. The boy was rushed to the hospital and is recovering from his wounds, confirmed Philadelphia police. The incident that led to the firing is being investigated.

The news comes amid growing incidents of shooting involving teenagers in Philadelphia, where the crime rate is one the rise. Earlier this month another teenager died after being fired 10 rounds. A series of shootings among teenagers has been reported in Philadelphia this month itself. The total number of homicides reported this month is so far the highest in more than a decade. Also in another shooting incident on Monday in the Kingsessing neighborhood, a 42-year old was shot and killed outside his home, while his wife was wounded.

Close Encounter with Death

crime scene
Philadelphia Police said that the condition of both the teens are stable and they are responding to treatment (For representational purposes onlu). Pixabay

Two 15-year-old boys were seriously wounded in the shooting on Monday night that saw an exchange of more than 20 rounds of bullets. One of the boys took 17 gunshots but managed to survive the fatal encounter. The boy, who was chased after being shot repeatedly, ran into a nearby home where a family assisted him. He was then taken to Temple University Hospital, where he is being treated.

The other teen was hit in the leg. He was rushed to the nearby Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Philadelphia police said that the condition of both the teens is stable and they are responding to the treatment. The incident took place around 8.45 pm outdoors in the 1000 block of Cambridge Street.

So far 20 shell casings have been recovered from the spot. Police believe that the teen shot multiple times was probably the target given the number of times he was fired at. An investigation is on, but no arrests have been made yet.

The Dark Side of Philadelphia

Philadelphia Crime Scene
Philadelphia Police at the crime scene investigating the incident YouTube Grab

The northern and western parts of Philadelphia have become one of the epicenters of crime in recent times. Interestingly, crime among teenagers and young adults has been on the rise. Last Saturday, an incident of a triple shooting was reported in West Philadelphia.

Earlier this month, a 19-year-old boy was shot at least 10 times along Hellerman Street near Loretto Avenue. The boy died shortly after being taken to hospital. Also, incidents of homicides have seen a surge this year. A total of 177 homicides have been reported from different parts of Philadelphia this year, the highest at this point of the year dating back to 2007.