Shocking! No Charges Filed After Discovery of Four Infant Bodies in Boston Woman's Freezer

Law enforcement agencies cite a lack of evidence for not filing charges.

In an extremely strange case of dead bodies of four babies found inside a freezer. No charges will be brought against a 69-year-old woman linked to a chilling case from 2022, who reportedly discovered frozen infants in a Boston apartment freezer. This decision was announced by Suffolk County district attorney, Kevin Hayden, this week.

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Alexis Aldamir, the woman under scrutiny, became the main suspect in the investigation, initiating inquiries into the deaths of the infants. It was Aldamir's husband who alerted the police to the presence of deceased infants in the freezer, prompting law enforcement agencies to launch investigations. Despite thorough efforts by law enforcement, Hayden stated that significant evidence against Aldamir has yet to be found.

Hayden described the investigation into the discovery made on Nov. 17, 2022, as one of the most intricate and baffling encountered by his office. Due to uncertainty about whether the infants were born alive, investigators opted against pursuing criminal charges, Hayden stated on Tuesday.

The infants were located in a South Boston apartment freezer after a man reported the finding to the police. The babies, two male and two female, were wrapped in foil inside shoe boxes and were confirmed through DNA testing to be siblings. The medical examiner couldn't ascertain their cause of death or whether they were born alive, with no visible signs of trauma.

It was also confirmed from DNA testing that father of babies died in 2011 and mother could not recall any information related to babies as she is now in a healthcare facility and displayed confusion and lacked awareness during questioning, according to Hayden.

Hayden lamented the lack of clarity surrounding the case, emphasizing that the circumstances of the infants' births and why the woman concealed her pregnancies may never be fully understood.

Investigations revealed that the woman had five children with the infants' father, one of whom was given up for adoption. Only one birth record was found, indicating a lack of documentation for the other children's births, Hayden noted.