Shocking Moment Woman Has Bizarre Cartoonish Meltdown on Spirit Airlines Flight as She Yells the N-Word at Cops Before Being Arrested [WATCH]

The dramatic meltdown happened after she allegedly attempted to bite the passenger seated next to her.

Viral video footage captures the moment an unidentified woman on a Spirit Airlines plane was arrested after an extreme meltdown reminiscent of Jim Carrey's contortionist performance in "The Mask." A TikTok video posted on March 23 showed several Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers confronting the suspect while the plane remained on the tarmac before takeoff.

It wasn't immediately known why the cops were called to arrest her. However, as soon as the clip started it was evident that the woman was behaving erratically. The wide-eyed suspect, dressed in a sleeveless sweater and adorned with a gold necklace and a sizable Afro, can be seen resisting officers' efforts to handcuff her.

Bizarre Meltdown

Spirit Airlines meltdown
The unidentified woman seen having a meltdown on Spirit Airlines X

At the start of the footage, the frantic woman can be heard shouting, "let this go," and "can I do that with freedom?" as the police attempt to de-escalate the situation. "All I care about is freedom," she screeched.

The dramatic meltdown happened after she allegedly attempted to bite the passenger seated next to her. As one of the officers informed her of her arrest, the passenger responded, "that's fine! I've been there before."

She then scanned the surrounding passengers with wild eyes before tumultuously shouting, "I'm not scared! I've been there before," as she rose to confront the people seated in the row behind her.

Suddenly, she escalated her volume further, telling passengers that the officer, whom she shockingly referred to with the n-word, was twisting her elbows.

"He's hurting my wrist," she wailed.

"You're hurting me sheriff. You're hurting me sheriff," she cried while the cops tried to place her in handcuffs.

"I can't breathe. Why are you touching my leg?" she repeatedly demands, prompting the officers to appear to smirk as giggles erupt throughout the cabin amid the cartoonish performance.

Long Drama

Spirit Airlines Meltdown
The woman tried to bite a passenger during the meltdown X

As she continues to scream "I can't breathe," invoking George Floyd's dying words, the flight attendant is heard over the intercom announcing that everyone will need to "deplane the aircraft," prompting a loud collective groan from the passengers.

Commenters on the post speculated about the possible reasons behind the outburst.

"That's a evil spirit in her possession happening right in front of everyone," one user tweeted.

"How did she get past airport security??" another person wrote.

"This is really sad. I hope she found some help and it comforted her," yet another person said.

The man who posted the video mentioned that all passengers had to deplane to allow the police to address the woman's behavior.