Shocking Moment Singer Bebe Rexha Is Hit on the Face While on Stage after Concertgoer Hurls Cell Phone at Her as She Falls to Her Knees in Pain [WATCH]

Following the unexpected shock, the Grammy-nominated singer held her face and fell to her knees with her head lowered.

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Singer Bebe Rexha was badly injured after she was stuck in the face by a phone while performing at a concert in New York City on Sunday after someone from the audience hurled a phone at her. The incident occurred while the 33-year-old singer-songwriter was performing a concert as part of her Best F'n Night Of My Life tour at The Rooftop at Pier 17.

A video shared on Twitter captures the moment Bebe Rexha, dressed in a purple outfit with her blonde hair down, singing and moving toward the front of the stage. The Brooklyn native was facing the audience when a phone was seen flying in from the crowd and striking her directly in the face.

Injured on Stage

Bebe Rexha
The cell phone thrown by a concertgoer seen hitting Bebe Rexha's face as she yells in pain Twitter

Following the unexpected shock, the Grammy-nominated singer held her face and fell to her knees with her head lowered. Meanwhile, several crew members from the wings quickly rushed to her help.

Several concert attendees in New York City on Sunday shared videos of the incident, including one person with the username @RossBernaud. In their video, the singer, whose full name is Bleta Rexha, can be seen receiving help from crew members as she is guided off the stage following the unfortunate incident.

As she was being attended to by medical personnel and escorted behind the curtain, Bebe Rexha managed to acknowledge the audience with a wave, demonstrating her gratitude despite the injury.

"This is Bebe Rexha being rushed out of the concert venue here in NYC after someone threw a f***ing phone and hit her face as she was leaving the stage," the Twitter user captioned the video clip.

Bebe Rexha
The cell phone seen coming toward Bebe Rexha before hitting her face Twitter

"We were all having a hell of a good time and so was Bebe, we were all having a blast, I mean who would even do that??? We hope you're ok @BebeRexha."

Unexpected Attack

Bebe Rexha was rushed to the hospital where she was treated for the injury. She received quite a few stitches to her chin and face. A tweet from the account Pop Base read: "Bebe Rexha's mother reveals that she had to get three stitches after someone in the audience threw a phone at her head during her concert."

Bebe Rexha
Bebe Rexha fell to her knees in pain after being hit by the cell phone Twitter

After the incident, many of Rexha's fans expressed their frustration and disappointment on Twitter, expressing their dismay at the senseless attack on the pop star.

"Bebe is literally one of the sweetest and most unproblematic people in the music industry she doesn't deserve this... some of y'all really need to leave her alone omg," wrote one fan.

Another fan wrote, "Absolutely great show ruined by a fan throwing their phone at @BebeRexha hopefully she is ok after that."

One fan expressed their dissatisfaction with the fan's lack of respect and decorum for throwing the phone onto the stage, while another fan raised questions about the motive and circumstances surrounding such an incident, pondering how and why something like this could occur.

Bebe Rexha
Bebe Rexha waved at the audience as she was taken down form the stage and transported to a hospital Twitter

'"Fans" suck so bad because what do you mean Bebe Rexha had to go to the f***ing hospital and get stitches in her head because someone threw a phone at her and it hit her???? What the f***???" the fan said.

Another fan called Rexha "literally one of the sweetest and most unproblematic people in the music industry,' adding, 'she doesn't deserve this."

"Bebe Rexha really deserves better... between this and the audience not showing any visible signs of care. Like idc if they paid $6 to come see her, at the end of the day, they gotta show some respect..." wrote yet another fan.

Bebe Rexha
Bebe Rexha Twitter

The extent of Rexha's injury and the potential impact on her tour schedule were not immediately evident.

She has four scheduled concert dates in the upcoming week, including a performance at The Fillmore in Philadelphia on June 20, The Fillmore Silver Spring in Silver Spring, Maryland on June 21, the Tabernacle in Atlanta on June 23, and the Hard Rock Live Orlando in Orlando, Florida on June 24.

However, it remains uncertain if and how the recent distressing incident will affect these shows.