Shocking Moment Enraged Husband Snatches Beauty Pageant Winner's Crown and Smashes It on Stage after Wife Came in Second Place [WATCH]

Just as the sparkling tiara was ready to be placed atop Belini's head, Becker's hot-headed husband ripped it away and threw it on the stage floor.

Who says coming in second place isn't worth remembering? The winner of a Brazilian drag pageant was about to receive the crown when a man charged the stage and slammed it down while his companion, the runner-up, watched in horror. The man apparently wasn't happy with the result of the pageant and expressed his displeasure in the most unusual manner.

The man was filled with wrath and had destruction in his heart after learning that his wife had won second place. Without thinking twice, the unhinged husband attacked the stage of a Brazilian "LGBTIAP+ beauty pageant," stole the winner's crown, and violently slammed it to the ground, local news site Globo reported.

Fast and Furious

Matheus Oliveira
Matheus Oliveira is seen snatching and smashing the crown on the ground after his wife was crowned teh runner-up Twitter

The partner of first-runner-up contestant Nathally Becker, who was representing the city of Cuiabá, violently interrupted the crowning ceremony of winner Emannuelly Belini, who was representing the municipality of Várzea Grande, leaving spectators shocked at the Miss Gay Mato Grosso 2023 pageant on Saturday.

Just as the sparkling tiara was ready to be placed atop Belini's head, Becker's hot-headed husband ripped it away and threw it on the stage floor. According to a New York Post report, an eye-popping video of the altercation has now gone viral via Jam Press.

The rhinestone-stealing spouse of Miss Cuiabá, identified as Matheus Oliveira, then picked up the crown and threw it to the ground once more, breaking the prize to pieces.

Oliveira then went for Becker's hair and led the runner-up off the platform as he was pelted with jeers.

Miss Gay Mato Grosso pageant coordinator Malone Haenisch told Brazilian news source G1 that the competition was a close one before Belini won.

"He did not consider the result fair and caused all this inconvenience and damage," he said of Oliveira.

Complete Chaos

The mayhem surrounding the beauty pageant was similar to the violence that broke out following the first-ever Miss Sri Lanka contest in NYC in October 2022 and the controversy that followed accusations that the 2022 Miss USA pageant had been unfairly "rigged" in Miss Texas' favor.

Nathally Becker
Nathally Becker was crowned the runner-up which infuriated her husband Twitter

Haenisch later issued a statement in response to the angry outburst, maintaining that Belini was fairly crowned queen and denouncing Becker's husband for his violent actions.

"We vehemently condemn the incident that occurred at the time of the crowning of the elected Miss," the event planner continued, "when the partner of Miss Cuiabá, who was classified in second place, invaded the stage and aggressively destroyed the crown.

Emanuelly Belini
Emanuelly Belini was crowned the Miss Gay Mato Grosso 2023 winner Twitter

"We confirm the pageant jury's choice and we sympathize with the elected Miss, as well as [Becker], as she is not responsible for the crazy attitudes of third parties."

The statement continued by saying that "necessary legal measures" would be taken as a result of the disruptive stunt and that the pageant's "legal team has been informed" of the criminal incident.

Haenisch then congratulated Belini on winning the coveted title.

Matheus Oliveira
Matheus Oliveira tried to drag his wife from the stage after smashing the crown Twitter

"The Miss Mato Grosso Gay pageant team congratulates Miss Várzea Grande, Emannuelly Belini, elected Miss Gay Mato Grosso 2023 on the night of 27 May," said the organizer.

"We reiterate our best wishes and wish you a glamorous reign, and that your activities may reflect the voice and desires of the LGBTQIAP+ community."