SHOCKING: Chechen Troops Killed Russian Soldiers in Bucha, Operated a Torture Chamber

Chechen fighters killed Russian soldiers in Bucha and operated a torture chamber in the town, according to reports. Chechens, who are loyal to Chechnya's local strongman Ramzan Kadyrov, killed their own comrades and turned a glass factory into a chilling 'torture chamber, according to Ukraine's Territorial Defense Forces and locals in Bucha.

Ihor Yuschenko, 61, a former colonel in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, became witness to the horrific scenes in Bucha, watching the brutal atrocities of Chechen troops.

Chechen elite Hunter Squad
Chechen elite Hunter Squad Twitter

Chechen Fighters Would 'Shoot Dead' Injured Russian Soldiers

A column of Russian troops advancing through the town stopped and opened fire on his street in central Bucha on February 27, killing two pedestrians. This column had included Chechen fighters known as Kadyrovtsy, members of various military groupings, Yuschenko told The Daily Beast.

Deputy Commander in Ukraine's Territorial Defense Forces Artem Hurin visited the Borodyanka, which lies northwest of Bucha town, and spoke to local witnesses about the incidents that happened in the place.

Bucha dead bodies on road
Dead bodies lying in the streets of Bucha Twitter/@FedorovMykhailo

Hurin reportedly confirmed that Chechen fighters would 'shoot dead' Russian soldiers who were injured.

Chechen Fighters Tied White Bands in Prisoners' Arms

The Deputy Commander revealed that Chechens used to bring extremely injured Russian soldiers to a local hospital in the area and shot them at the hospital. "They didn't allow them to do anything. There they just killed people through binoculars for example. They just shot them," said Hurin, according to The Daily Beast.

These incidents are believed to have happened in the first week of March. Locals in the area also stated that Chechens were shooting unarmed civilians on the streets and captured their vehicles.

Chechen Hunter Squad
Chechen Hunter Squad Twitter

Chechen fighters had also tied white bands in prisoners' arms. Bucha Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk pointed out that when they pulled out from the area, similar white bands were found on the dead bodies of Civilians, who were executed.

Meanwhile, Ukraine's ombudsman for human rights Lyudmila Denisova underlined that the glass factory on Yablonska Street served as a torture chamber. Hurin has confirmed this stating that the chamber was being run by Russians and Chechen troops.