Russia Ratchets Up Nuclear Threat; TV Channel Claims Deadly Sarmat Can Destroy Europe in 3 Minutes

A Russian TV channel showed a strange simulation during a news telecast explaining how a nuclear attack on Europe would pan out. The alarming simulation shows the way the Russians are equipped to launch attacks in Europe in as little as 200 seconds. The TV hosts suggested that Russia could possibly attack London, Berlin and Paris within three minutes and destroy the whole of Europe.

Russian TV
Russian TV simulates nuclear strikes against Europe. Screengrab

Kremlin propagandists were infuriated with Britain's support of Ukrainian strikes inside Russia. Recently, Britain's Defence Secretary Ben Wallace claimed that London supports Kyiv's military actions against Moscow.

Sarmat missile Against Britain

Aleksey Zhuravlyov, Chairman of the nationalist Rodina party, pondered what would happen if Putin launched nuclear weapons against the UK.

"One Sarmat missile and the British Isles will be no more," said Zhuravlyov, according to Metro newspaper.

The TV host on Channel One showed a map indicating that President Vladimir Putin from Kaliningrad was against the European nations.

The 60 Minutes program's hosts Olga Skabeyeva and Evgeny Popov claimed that no one will survive in this war when you propose the strike with a Sarmat.

60 Minutes is one of the most famous programmes in Russia.

Russia to Launch Missile From Kaliningrad

"Sarmats are not in Kalinigrad yet. From Kaliningrad to Berlin is 106 seconds, from Kaliningrad to Paris is 200 seconds. You're interested in London, 202 seconds to London," said Skabeyeva.

Zhuravlyov, who was on the show, immediately started counting seconds showing towards the European map. "They need to be shown this picture. Guys look at this picture - count the seconds, can you make it? Hello, it's already here".

Last month, Russian state TV propagandist Olga Skabeyeva claimed that World War III has now started after Ukraine hit Moscow's warship Moskva in the Black Sea. Rossiya 1 presenter Skabeyeva claimed that the 'escalation' could 'safely be called World War Three', claiming that 'we are definitely fighting against... NATO itself'.

Skabeyeva stuck to the Kremlin's official line that the warship suffered a 'fire' despite heading a segment that blamed the vessel's demise on Ukraine.