Angelina Jolie Filmed Running for Shelter in Bunker as Air Raid Sirens Go Off in Ukraine's Lviv

Angelina Jolie, who is in Ukraine, had to rush to bunkers as air raid sirens went off in the Lviv city. Jolie walked briskly with an entourage amid fears of rocket attack on Lviv, a comparatively safe city in Ukraine as it is close to the NATO border.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie while running for shelter in Ukraine's Lviv city Screengrab

Jolie Was Accompanied By a Group of People

The movie star was accompanied by a number of people but so far the purpose of her trip is not clear. However, she has been a special envoy for UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) since 2011.

The actress was filmed while walking toward safety during the moment. She also responded to the camera and stated that she is 'ok'.

While a female member from the accompanying group urged people to stop filming. 'Please, no more.'

Previously on Saturday, she was seen sitting at a cafe in Lviv.

Jolie Spoke To Refugees

She was accompanied by a male friend at the cafe and interacted with the excited fans present there. It's reported that Jolie visited Lviv to meet people who are now displaced and taking shelter in the Ukraine district bordering NATO.

The actress came to speak with displaced people who have found refuge in Lviv, including children undergoing treatment for injuries sustained in the missile strike on the Kramatorsk railway station in early April, according to Lviv's regional governor Maksym Kozytsky.

'She was very moved by (the children´s) stories. One girl was even able to privately tell Ms. Jolie about a dream she'd had,' said ' Kozytsky said, according to Daily Mail.

The Hollywood star also paid a visit to a boarding school and spoke to students there. The actress clicked pictures with the children and promised them to come again.

The actress also went to Lviv's central railway station to meet evacuees and Ukrainian volunteers.

Jolie last month also visited Yemen as the UN's special envoy.