Shin Minah Attempts Suicide; Says Forced by Team Members to Watch Sex Videos

Shiin Minah has accused her team members of pushing her to commit suicide.

Shin Minah
Shin Minah former trainee at Botopass Kpop group has accused her teammates of bullying. Instagram

Former Trainee at a new Kpop group that is all set for its debut, Shin Minah has accused fellow members of torturing her and causing her trauma, driving her to take the extreme step. Shin Minah, in a recent video, claimed that she would have been dead if a police officer did not stop her from taking her life.

Minah debuted with the girl group ILUV in 2019. However, the group is being revamped and has been renamed as Botopass. The group is currently busy preparing for its debut that is slated for August 4 with many new members.

Minah, who has ended her contract with the agency, has demanded an apology from the agency as well as the members of the group. "There were people who made me sick and tormented me making my life a hell," Minah said while demanding an apology from them.

Currently, she has taken a break from activities and from social media due to the health-related issues she is facing after she was traumatized by teammates bullying. However, she promised to make a comeback in the KPop scene when she becomes healthier.

Sexually Tormented by Team Members

Shin Minah is popularly known as Cocoah and her YouTube channel is also known by the same name. While explaining her bid to commit suicide, Minah said that she had gone near Han Gang River at dawn on July 14 to end her life, but a police officer on patrol, who happens to be SHINee group's Taemin's cousin, saved her from jumping off and saved her life.

Explaining the reason for thinking of committing suicide, Mianh said that she is being bullied by her team members and called them perpetrators. Koreaboo released the messages Minah had shared with one of her friends where she has expressed fear. "I'm so distressed because of you guys. Please stop," Mihan told in her YouTube video released on July 14.

Shin Minah messages
Screenshot of the messages sent by Shin Minah. Koreaboo

Koreaboo also released another set of messages that state the amount of harassment Minah had to undergo. In one of her messages, Minah says that she was forced to watch videos of her team members having sex with their boyfriends. "They forced me to watch the scene and tormented me. It is so terrible," Minah wrote in her messages.

Shin Minah messages
Screenshot of the messages sent by Shin Minah. Koreaboo

Trauma Results in Panic Disorder, Depression, Insomnia

Minah had recently undergone a test for COVID-19 after she felt breathless and passed out when she was traveling in the bus. She was rushed to the hospital and was tested negative for COVID-19. However, the doctor said that she had had a breakdown. He also said that Minah was suffering from depression, panic disorder and insomnia.

Earlier, in her Instagram account, Minah was seen complaining about a lack of sleep. She had repeatedly stated that she was scared and cannot sleep and has said that she currently weighed 36 kg and doesn't have an appetite. She even said that her company had asked her to keep this information a secret.

"They're probably watching this secretly. Think about it if you have a conscience. I'm dying. I know you're watching secretly. Don't hide," her video says.

Currently, social media is abuzz with hashtags #StayStrongCocoah and #Minah and fans are asking her to stay strong and make a comeback. Netizens are demanding action against those who tormented Minah.

Last week, AOA's Mina had accused the group's leader Jimin of bullying her, which had resulted in the latter quitting not only the group and agency but the entertainment industry itself.

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