Shiba Inu Beats Dogecoin in 'Watchlist' Section for the First Time after Stellar Rise in October

Shiba Inu is presently the 'King of the ring' in the crypto market, as all eyes are on the coin due to its unbelievable performance of jumping +320% in just a week's time in October 2021, and tripled the money of investors who bought at the dip between May to September, all this in just a span of six days.

Also, apart from staying on top of the crypto market by delivering stellar returns, new investors seem to have caught their eyes on Shiba Inu. A quick search into the 'watchlist' section in top trading apps show that SHIB has overtaken Doge in the watchlist, as 1,152,779 have placed the coin in their favourites while Dogecoin is at 1,151,079.

Shiba Inu Dogecoin Cryptocurrency Doge Killer

SHIB is ahead of 1,700 watchlists from Dogecoin and the sudden rise can be attributed in the concept of 'fear of missing out' among investors. Usually when a coin dips, only a handful of investors go ahead and buy the coin, but when the same coin shoots up, everyone lines up to buy it due to the 'FOMO.'

This is the first time Shiba Inu has surpassed Dogecoin in the watchlist section, and if the coin manages to shoot up further, the razor edge margin would soon turn big and investors would eventually enter SHIB at an appropriate time based on their calculations. It is expected that at least half of the investors who placed the coin on watchlist would make an entry position soon.

''New Record: This officially acknowledges $SHIB surpassing Dogecoin in Watchlists. Trophy $SHIB On 1,152,779 watchlists. $DOGE On 1,151,079 watchlists,'' tweeted Shiba Inu influencer Milkshake.

SHIB investors have flooded social media, rejoicing the latest spike and are hopeful that the coin would soon knock out many more zeroes and head straight to the goal of reaching the milestone of 1 Cent. When that happens, thousands of investors would turn millionaires overnight, making them achieve their financial dreams.

Shiba Inu, at the time of publishing, was trading at $0.00003446 and is up +50.8% in the day's trade. The coin shows extreme bullish sentiments and is expected to shoot up further reaching new weekly highs.