Shani Louk: Sick Text Messages Sent by Hamas Terrorists from Phone of German Tattoo Artist's Boyfriend after the Two Were Kidnapped

Other messages from his phone vow to "liberate Palestine" and transform it into a land "free of Zionists."

Sick text messages have been sent from a cellphone owned by the kidnapped boyfriend of Shani Louk, the German-Israeli tattoo artist who was abducted alongside him and later paraded naked on a pickup truck. Louk, 22, and her Mexican boyfriend, Orión Hernández Radoux, have been missing since they attended the Supernova rave event, during which a horrifying massacre took place, claiming the lives of 260 people.

However, a series of sick messages in Arabic were sent from Radoux's phone, according to the Sun, which claimed to have reviewed the content of these texts. Meanwhile, Louk's mother has claimed that she is alive and is seeking help to trace her.

Disturbing and Vile Messages

Shani Louk
Shani Louk with her boyfriend Orión Hernández Radoux who was kidnapped alongside her X

"I spit on you," one reportedly reads, while another says, "God damn you." Other messages from his phone vow to "liberate Palestine" and transform it into a land "free of Zionists," as reported by the outlet.

Louk's mother, Ricarda, initially held the belief that her daughter had tragically lost her life. However, she later received information indicating that her daughter was, in fact, still alive, although with serious head injuries and admitted in a Gaza hospital in critical condition.

Shani Louk
Shani Louk X

"We now have further information that Shani is alive, but has a severe head injury and is in critical condition. Every minute is critical," the desperate mom said earlier this week.

"We ask — no, we demand that the German government act quickly," she added. "This is really my desperate call to the entire country of Germany to help me get my Shani back home healthy."

Shani, 22, is a German but was raised in Israel. She was among the hundreds of unsuspecting revelers at the Nova festival, where Hamas carried out a massacre resulting in the deaths of around 260 civilians.

Previous video clips showed Shani enjoying the festival, dancing and smiling with a group of fellow revelers, portraying a stark contrast to the later harrowing footage that emerged, revealing her captors callously parading her like a trophy.

Louk, who was raised in Israel but held a German passport, was a peace messenger and firmly adhered to her principles and objected to the compulsory military service in Israel, citing her beliefs.

Her aunt, Orly Louk, shared this insight with the German newspaper Der Spiegel, saying that her German passport played a role in supporting her stance.

Hamas had initially claimed that the body belonged to a female Israeli soldier.

Still Holding Hope

However, this was contradicted later when Louk's cousin, Tomasina Weintraub-Louk, confirmed to MailOnline that it was indeed Louk. The family identified her through her distinctive leg tattoos and dreadlocked hair.

Shani Louk
Shani Louk's lifeless body seen being paraded on a truck by Hamas millitants X

"We have heard nothing. We are hoping for positive news. It is definitely Shani. She was at a music festival for peace. This is a nightmare for our family," she told the outlet.

Tomasina said that they had been frantically attempting to reach out to Louk and her Mexican boyfriend, but their efforts to establish contact were in vain.

"We knew she was in the party, she didn't answer," Tomasina said.

Louk's parents said that they last spoke to their daughter during a phone call early on Saturday, shortly after Hamas initiated their initial rocket attacks. Since then, they have been unable to establish contact with her, heightening their worry and anxiety.

In a distressing turn of events, the family received information from Louk's bank, indicating that her credit card had been used in Gaza.

The tragedy unfolded amid a devastating assault by Palestinian militants, marking one of the most severe onslaughts in 50 years. This unprecedented attack involved coordinated land, sea, and air strikes, showcasing a heightened level of sophistication, including the use of hang gliders to evade detection.

Shani Louk
Shani Louk seen dancing at the music festival moments before she was kidnapped and killed by Hamas terrorists X

In this well-coordinated, multi-pronged assault, Palestinian terrorists infiltrated Israel from the Gaza Strip, taking control of settlements and brutally attacking and murdering civilians who were celebrating a Jewish holiday.

The assailants kidnapped several civilians from the streets, either taking them back to Gaza or killing them on the spot.

The music festival attended by Louk was among the first targets of this heinous attack, resulting in the massacre of 260 festivalgoers.

Survivors recounted the horrifying ordeal, detailing how the gunmen systematically executed victims, illustrating the brutality and calculated nature of the assault.

The survivors of the attack shared clips of their harrowing ordeal on social media, revealing the traumatic moments when they had to hide under bushes and record poignant farewell messages to their loved ones while witnessing the horrifying killings of victims.

Shani Louk
Shani Louk X

For hours, many remained motionless in extreme terror, waiting until they finally heard the voices of armed rescuers speaking in Hebrew.

The Palestinian terrorist group launched their assault on the Supernova Festival near Kibbutz Re'im close to the Gaza Strip, as part of their surprise attack initiated on Saturday.

Dashcam footage released earlier this week from the incident painted a distressing picture of gunmen mercilessly executing civilians as they lay in the sand.