Seungri enlists for military; Truth behind fans not turning up to cheer the indicted singer [VIDEO]

Seungri enlisted in the military on March 9, the indicted singer joined ROK army's 6th division new recruit training centre at Gangwon-do in Cheorwon-gun

K-pop idol Seungri enlisted for military service on March 9. There are some reports that say fans of the indicted singer did not turn up to cheer him when he was leaving to join the military. But his fans have claimed that they will wait for his return and they still love him.

A photo wall was prepared for him. But instead of getting his pictures clicked, Seungri decided to walk past it. Seungri joined ROK army's 6th division new recruit training centre at Gangwon-do in Cheorwon-gun. Seungri was indicted for allegedly organizing prostitutes, habitual gambling, and illegal foreign currency trade. Seungri was to enlist in the military on March 2019, but the process was delayed as he was facing the above-said charges.

Seungri has now joined the military


With prosecution completing its probe, Seungri has now joined the military and is likely to be tried at the military court. The video of Seungri entering the military unit showed that the singer chose not to speak to the reporters. He was wearing a mask and walked past media persons when he was being asked about the Burning Sun scandal.

No fan was seen when he got down from the car and went inside the military unit. Reacting to the news, fans fought back and said that irrespective of charges Seungri was facing they still loved him. No fans were seen because they were not allowed inside due to restrictions as the country is facing the spread of coronavirus.

Seungri gave a farewell party before his enlistment

With reports claiming that there were negative comments on Seungri's enlistment, fans started trending hashtags #TakeCareSeungri and #UntilWeMeetAgainSR. One of the fans wrote in support of Seungri, "Don't try and make it look like nobody supported him, fans have been trending hashtags and sending messages of support for days. This wasn't a regular entry into the military. There was no ceremony because of COVID-19. Even families weren't allowed in. Did you want VIPs to be irresponsible and form crowds there and potentially spread the virus? I'm sure that would have given you something else to attack Seungri and the fandom for."

Recently, news of Seungri given a farewell party before his enlistment also was received negatively by media. Even netizens posted negative comments online. But Seungri's fans stayed put and criticized every report that slammed Seungri. They said he was just having dinner with his friends.