Seungri parties hard ahead of military enlistment, faces public backlash

The Kpop star is also facing charges including violating anti-prostitution laws of the country and alleged illegal gambling and foreign currency trading

Seungri's recent photos of partying with friends and controversial Burning Sun club members have evoked a backlash from fans and netizens. The Kpop star will enlist in the military on March 6. Seungri is currently facing charges of violating the anti-prostitution laws of the country, apart from alleged illegal gambling and foreign currency trading. He is likely to face a military court for these charges.

The former BIGBANG member, Lee Seung-hyun, better known as Seungri, was recently spotted partying with friends as he will be away for 18 months for mandatory military service. Seungri's farewell party is said to have been attended by his DJ label NATURAL HIGH RECORDS and the controversial club Burning Sun (which got him indicted in seven charges).

Public backlash

The news of Seungri partying became public as one of his DJ friends from NATURAL HIGH RECORDS uploaded a photo that also showed a candle-studded cake with the writing "Cheer up for 18 months". This has turned the public against the Kpop star who they think is being inconsiderate. One netizen commented: "I guess he's not embarrassed even one bit since he's taking photos like this."


Another lashed out at Seungri for taking the law for granted, saying: "Seungri taught me that the laws in Korea are nothing but jokes. I don't need government officials, presidents, or nothing..."

In a similar vein, another netizen posted: "Even the high prosecutors are below Seungri. How connected was he to pull this off. They're escorting him to the military without even a scratch."

Warrants against Seungri dismissed

The judiciary had dismissed warrants for Seungri's arrest. In South Korea, military service is mandatory for every man but they can delay the conscription five times with proper reasons before they turn 31.

Seungri is now 29 and had already postponed his conscription in March 2019. This time he was asked to enlist and was not given a chance to postpone it again. Recently, former iKON member BI (Hanbin) was acquitted of all charges of illegal drug use and declared innocent.