Nayeon's stalker is back in South Korea; allegedly threatens K-pop star's life

A stalker who goes by the name Josh on Twitter has put up numerous messages –text and video, pleading Nayeon to talk to him calling her love of his life

The foreign stalker of K-pop star Nayeon in a recently released audio clip has indirectly issued death threats as he said if the singer continues to ignore him, they both will die. The audio clip was shared by one of the fans of Nayeon on Twitter asking people to report the stalker.

The stalker goes by the name Josh and the transcription of the voice message states: "Only who cares for me is my brother. Even my friends don't care. The thing is if people could realize that this is a life and death situation in which me and Nayeon might die soon. And this is not a joke. Me and Nayeon might die soon if she keeps ignoring me and the fake news will brainwash her. When I give up then what will happen is we both will die. We will be dead. People don't understand this. It is extremely serious."

The stalker claims to love Nayeon

Nayeon Instagram

In a previous video, Josh is seen telling that he is not a stalker but loves Nayeon and wants to talk to her. His twitter account is full of messages to Nayeon pleading her to talk to him. The repetitive messages look scary and it looks like Josh needs some help.

One of his messages on January 6 reads: "Tomorrow I will visit friends here in Seoul who might be able to help me get my Gift & Letter Privately to Nayeon. I hope they can give it to Nayeon privately because JYPEntertainment would just throw it away. Let's hope for the best and hope Nayeon gets my gift soon!"

Josh stalker

Then another letter wrote on February 28 reads: "Nayeon is a kind girl, she would never be cruel and intentionally ignore me. Because the fact that she doesn't contact me causes a lot of pain and a lot of suffering. If Nayeon would realize how much I suffer she would never intentionally ignore me. That would be too cruel and immoral. I hope Nayeon eventually realizes how important it is for us to talk with each other. It is really important.

I truly love you Nayeon and even if you don't want to be with me I beg you to please at least talk with me about it. I am really in big pain. I really suffer a lot from not being able to talk with you. I beg you, Nayeon please contact me. I beg you. Please. Can anyone please tell Nayeon about me and ask her if she can please contact me. I am suffering a lot. I need to chat with Nayeon, please. It's very important."

Nayeon is one of the most popular faces of K-pop

Im Na-yeon popularly known as Nayeon born on September 22, 1995, is member of K-pop band TWICE. She first appeared in a reality survival show Sixteen in 2015. She is currently, TWICE's lead vocalist and lead dancer. She is the oldest member of TWICE. She was voted the fifth most popular Korean idol (Gallup Korea's annual music poll) in 2019.

The South Korean singer is the oldest member of the k-pop band TWICE. The 24-year-old has also made a cameo in the Korean drama Dream High 2 which was broadcasted on KBS in 2012.

This article was first published on March 4, 2020